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February 05, 2008

Random Milestone

Visitor #247,000 was someone from Blacksburg, VA using IE 7 and Windows XP on Verizon Internet.

Thanks for playing!

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Super Duper Pooper Tuesday

It's Mardi Gras!

Oh wait, wrong post.  Today is Über Tuesday, the biggest primary election day in US history, as the reporter so breathlessly spewed on the AM news show today.

In the past, the single best thing about the-election-day-formerly-known-as-Super Tuesday was that it meant the END of the primary campaign.  Most years, the nominee is well and established by the end of TEDFKAS Tuesday.

So I find it more than ironic that the closest primaries in many years come down to what I will henceforth refer to as "Breathless Tuesday", given all the hype.

I suspect that this means that the few states that actually chose to hold later primaries are doing the "Nyah Nyah" routine.  We shall see.

From my sheltered vantage, high on the cliffs of denial, it looks like McCain is a shoe-in over Mitt Slick-ney and I am really unsure where the Democrats are going.  If anything, I suspect the "blue" picture will be MORE muddled than previously, after today.

Speaking of the Democraps, I heard a mind-blowing commercial this morning.  The gist of it was "Vote for Hillary, because she is not beholden to special interests"

I literally sat up in bed and screamed at the radio (at 5:30 AM, mind you): "What the fuck kind of crack are you smoking and where do I get some?  Do you know what the fuck you just said?"

The (still dozing) hub was clearly not amused.  Of course, at the end of the commercial, the speaker introduced himself as a descendant of Cesar Chavez and announced that Hillary loves farmworkers and poor people, so vote for her.  And I had this moment of clarity.

Of course he doesn't see her as beholden to special interests!  He IS one.  Know your source, peeps.  Know your source.

On the other hand, the same morning news show provided what was perhaps the single most insightful news story of the election. On the ballot today in CA are a series of propositions (94-97) which would force four very large indian tribes here (mostly in SoCal) to hand over a LARGE chunk of their profits to the state in return for being allowed to install more slot machines.  Most folks are actually FOR these measures in that together they will bring the state several hundred million dollars in new revenue without raising taxes on ANYONE (except the gamblers, so to speak).  The opposition is mostly funded by some Vegas casino owners and some racetracks that also have gaming.  Clearly, this would be HUGE competition for them, so they are naturally against it.

Both parties are officially "neutral" on these propositions, and a lot of people are confused as to what they mean.  So the local NBC channel did some investigating...

What amused me, though, was that the reporter cut right through the BS in reporting the story.  He explained the meat of the propositions, laid out who the supporters and detractors are, pointed out that the propositions require state audits of the casinos, and summed it up by saying "Some people say we should ask the casinos to give the state MORE of their profits, but supporters point out, this is more $$ than the state is getting now"

But back to Breathless Tuesday.  I will likely not vote, as my registration is not updated, and even after filling out the proper forms at my old polling place, LA county would likely discount my vote anyway.  But we shall see.

If I were voting today, this is what I would be voting for:
President: John McCain (but with much regret.  FREEEEEEEEDDDDD!)
Prop 91: No
Prop 92: No
Prop 93: No
Prop 94-97: YES

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Vote today if you can

The decision too NOT cast a ballot is the decision to be a sheeple.

Make up your own damn mind.

I'm going to at least try to get my vote counted.

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I voted!

No problem at all.

Except that I had to physically stop my hand to keep from marking "Fred Thompson".

And while I am on the subject, the "I voted" stickers are the most awesome thing ever. Especially for those of us who grew up with the idea that getting a sticker is a reward for a job well done.

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This is the saddest thing I have ever read

Lynne Spears deposition attached to the restraining order against Britney's so-called "Manager".

Horrifying.  Just Horrifying.

This may be the single most heart-wrenching part:

Britney then said again at some point during the night, "When do I get to see my babies?" Sam answered, "Wednesday." Britney then said, "What do I have to do to see them?" Sam responded, "Take the pills I tell you to take." Britney said, "I don't like the pills and I don't like the the psychiatrist. Can't I see anoher psychiatrist so I can see my babies?" Sam responded, "If I told you to take 10 pills a day, you should do what I tell you to see your babies." Jackie (Lynne's friend) then said, "Britney, your parents can help you find a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist needs to get to know you to give you the right medicine." Sam then raised his voice and said, "Why don't uou get back with Kevin."

Britney then said, "I'll do anything to get them back."

It goes on and on and on. According to Lynne Spears, this guy has disabled Britney's phones and cars, stolen her cell phone charger and he hides her dog. He gives her serious anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medication with alcohol, and little regard for dosage or consistency.

No wonder Britney is so screwed up. My God.

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A Black Sheriff President?

Sorry folks, it's the best title I could come up with... even though this is mostly about HRC....

Steve of Hog on Ice sums up my feelings on the Democratic primary today quite succinctly, and honestly, far better than I imagined I'd ever read on the interwebnetoobs:

It looks like Hillsy may get her big butt beat in today's elections.

I find myself having mixed emotions about this. On the one hand, Obama is kind of a zero, and he's also a socialist, and socialism is evil and stupid and causes terrible suffering. On the other, you have to feel good, seeing a black candidate do this well. I mean, hell, this is progress. As long as he doesn't win, I mean. Socialist and all that.

And then there is the pleasure of seeing a Clinton eat it.
yep. pretty much.

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February 07, 2008

Bacon IS meat candy

Bacon Candy

1 lb bacon (not thick-cut)
1/4 cup brown sugar

1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F.
2. Slice bacon into 1/2-inch strips and dredge in brown sugar until thoroughly coated.
3. Crumple aluminum foil to allow for grease drainage and place it on a baking sheet. Lay out the bacon on the foil making sure not to overlap pieces.
4. Bake until crispy. Allow to cool and harden before serving.

Oh yeah.  Perfect with some bacon vodka.

Or try this.

h/t puppyblender

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February 08, 2008

Calling all Project Runway Fans!

Today's the big day, the Project Runway Show in the BIG tent at Bryant Park!

If you're up to date with this week's episode you have nothing to fear from the news from Fashion Week!

All 5 remaining Designers showed a collection!

As expected I am deep in smit** with Chris March's collection, although I suspect Christian will be the winner.....

Pictures are at Blogging Project Runway:
Sweet P

** bonus points if you pick up the movie reference here...

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February 10, 2008

For Ken, wherever I may find him (and Emily, too of course, as originally intended...)

UPDATE: Leave your answers here :-)

Ken loves to do these Rock N Roll Trivia posts, and often I end up scratching my head and feeling somewhat less than inadequate because, well, I usually suck at them.

So here's one of my own, for Ken and the crew:  The Paul Simon/ Simon and Garfunkel Edition (Now with Bonus Questions!)

1.  If I was a Kellogg's corn flake I'd be floating in my bowl doing what exactly?  And to whom would I be talking?

2. Someone told me it's all happening where?

3. Can you imagine us years from today, sharing a park bench quietly? How Terribly strange to be (how old???)...

4.People say she's crazy, why?

5.If you take two bodies and you twirl them into one, what won't come undone?

6.How far away is the Mother and Child reunion?

7. The sign said the words of the prophets are written where?

8.Where are you going with Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme?

9. What do Rene and Georgette Magritte have hidden away in the cabinet cold of their hearts?

10.  The Mississippi Delta shines like what on the way to Graceland?

My father was a fisherman, my mama was a fisherman's friend.  What's my name?

How many ways are there to leave your lover? (Just ask Jack, Stan, Roy, Gus, Lee.....)

The fog's rolling in off the East River Bank.  It covers which street?

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February 12, 2008

Free Pancakes!

Do you love IHOP pancakes?  Do you support the work of children's hospitals?

If the answer to both questions is YES, have I got a deal for you!

Today, February 12 is IHOP's celebration of National Pancake Day, and today, from 7am to 10pm they are offering a free short stack (3) of pancakes to anyone who drops in.  All they ask is that you consider making a donation to the Children's Miracle Network.

That's a damn good trade: free pancakes for helping sick kids.

I suspect I see an IHOP in my future tonight......  YUMMY.

h/t wRitErsbLock

Yes, comments are still down. Which sucks.

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Comment Card


Comments are functional on MuNu again!  Thanks Teresa and Pixy!

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February 13, 2008

Hey, SoCal readers!

This one's for you.

There's a fundraiser for the family of slain SWAT officer Randall Simmons today, all day at the Burger King at Cesar Chavez and Grand Avenue in Downtown LA.

The franchise owners are donating 100% of today's take to the Simmons family, and there's also a donation box if you'd like to contribute more than just the price of a burger.

By all accounts, Officer Simmons was one of the good guys. Please consider stopping by and showing your support for his family and the LAPD SWAT team.

I'll be there this afternoon on my way home from school.

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Rock N Roll Quiz Update

Still needs answers for 4,5,9,10 and Bonus#3...


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February 19, 2008


It was a hell of a week last week.  Pretty much a downer everywhere you turned.  Plus I was getting out a grant, and any of you who have been around long enough know what that means: life shutdown until that magic email appears from the funding agency with the words "submission successful."

And then Friday afternoon I morphed into an alligator wrangler trying to get both dogs to the vet.  Puppy decided that we HATE her and ABUSE her (of course, we were just putting the leash on her collar and asking her to go to the car from the porch) and generally had a freak out.  I swear she is half cat.  Princess, on the other hand hopped up in the car and sat patiently to be buckled in.  She didn't start growling until puppy tried to crawl UNDER her to hide from evil mom and dad.

But the weekend?  She was good.  We road-tripped all around SoCal on  Saturday, touring every major appliance seller we could find. Hubby's retro check came through last month, and we have BIG plans for it:  a dishwasher.  Hence the grand tour of appliance showrooms.

Silly us, we could have saved all that time and gas.  The best deal on the one we wanted was right in our own backyard at Sears.  We bought this one (in white) in case you were wondering.

Yes, I did look online, but the deal at Sears was far better than I could find elsewhere. Plus 0% for a year, so I can pay it off $50 at a time if I want.

Anyway, we used to have this dishwasher, or at least a previous version of this dishwasher, in Chapel Hill.  It was really quiet, got things clean, and best of all, it holds a hell of a lot of dishes.  Also has a sweet delay feature, so you can start the washer and then go finish your laundry before the damn thing comes on and robs all your hot water... Needless to say, we knew what we wanted, walking in.

Of course, getting a dishwasher means tearing up part of our kitchen, so I also got this.  YAY! Power tools!  And then we had to go to IKEA to get a smaller piece to go in that corner.  We had this by the dishwasher space, but we'd never get the door open with that in place, so we needed something narrower.

So Saturday night we went to IKEA and picked up this little guy.  Fits perfectly.  YAY.  And now I have space to put out my mixer!

Sunday was a lazy day.  We cleaned house and moved (and built!)kitchen furniture.

Yesterday I went shopping and bought a new pair of jeans.  YAY!  I haven't found a pair of jeans that fits this well in YEARS.  And they appear to be a size smaller (although who knows, they changed the sizing numbers). Then I purged my closet and tossed about half of it to be given away.  Go me.

And then I woke up  TODAY to drizzle and the news that cagastro resigned.  Big whoop.  Let me know when the comemierda is really dead.  And his brotherpuppet Raul, too.

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2:11 is about right.

Your time of day has a split personality -- sometimes it's sweat-streaked and loud, and you're on the dance floor, getting your third wind, and shouting lyrics like you'll never run out of energy. You are the time of night that carves itself into your memory forever, because you'll never forget how much you love these people and this moment and this song. It's not always about unforgettable parties, though. Sometimes your late night (err… early morning) burst of energy happens when you're home alone. Those are the times when you say, "I flat out refuse to go to sleep until I finish reading this book, or typing this page, or reorganizing my entire closet." In either case, you are the time of night when it feels sort of forbidden to be awake, but you love accomplishing something special long after everyone else went to bed. And hey -- you can always catch up on sleep tomorrow, right?

Heh. Yep.

h/t Breakfasty Jen
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Entitlement Blindspot #1213821639216 Michelle Obama

I am BEYOND TIRED of idiots (of all political stripes) and their entitlement attitudes. Mrs. Obama says that she is


Proud of this country and proud to be an American.

Give me a f*cking break, Michelle.  Do you have pride in your position, your career?  Your ability to go and come as you please?  The wealth you and Barry have amassed?

Sounds like pride in your country to me.  Because, really, did you ever stop to consider than you wouldn't have ANY of those things if you DIDN'T live in this country??

But Pete puts it more succinctly:

I am retired from a job that no honest man could ever expect to become rich. Honest men in foreign countries in my line of work live in small apartments and bicycle to work. I live in a paid for home on a half acre near the lake. My car is paid for. We are officially in the lower third of income levels here and I am writing on a (paid for) computer. Suppose Mrs. Obama was living where her husband's father lived. Suppose too that she were not wealthy. Would she have a good job? Would she even have all her girl parts?
Read the rest, and let Pete know what you think!

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Before I forget

And while I feel like posting...

I was supposed to do this 60 things thing. I forget which one of y'all tagged me. Own up in the comments and I'll give you credit :-)

Answers in the extended

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To the Quiz....  Since y'all didn't get them all....

1.  If I was a Kellogg's corn flake I'd be floating in my bowl doing what exactly?  And to whom would I be talking?
taking movies.. Relaxing a while, livin' in style.  Talking to a raisin who occasionally plays LA, casually glancing at his toupee..... (Punky's Dilemma, 1968, Bookends)

2. Someone told me it's all happening where?
At the zoo (At the Zoo, 1968, Bookends)

3. Can you imagine us years from today, sharing a park bench quietly? How Terribly strange to be (how old???)...
Seventy (Old Friends, 1968, Bookends)

4.People say she's crazy, why?
She's got Diamonds on the soles of her shoes (Diamonds On the Soles of Her Shoes, 1986, Graceland)

5.If you take two bodies and you twirl them into one, what won't come undone?
Their Hearts and their Bones.  (Hearts and Bones, 1983, Hearts and Bones)

6.How far away is the Mother and Child reunion?
Only a moment away.  (Or a motion, depending on the verse) (Mother and Child Reunion, 1972, Paul Simon)

7. The sign said the words of the prophets are written where?
On the subway walls, and tenement halls (Sounds of Silence, 1964, Wednesday Morning 3 A.M.)

8.Where are you going with Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme?
Scarborough Fair (Scarborough Fair and Canticle, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme, 1966)

9. What do Rene and Georgette Magritte have hidden away in the cabinet cold of their hearts?
The Penguins, the Moonglows, the Orioles, and the Five Satins (Rene and Georgette Magritte with their Dog After the War, 1983, Hearts and Bones)

10.  The Mississippi Delta shines like what on the way to Graceland?
A National Guitar (Graceland, 1986, Graceland)

My father was a fisherman, my mama was a fisherman's friend.  What's my name?
Lincoln Duncan (Duncan, 1972, Paul Simon)

How many ways are there to leave your lover? (Just ask Jack, Stan, Roy, Gus, Lee.....)
Fifty (Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover, 1975, Still Crazy After All These Years)

The fog's rolling in off the East River Bank.  It covers which street?
Bleecker Street (Bleecker Street, 1964, Wednesday Morning 3 A.M.)

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February 20, 2008

Tagged again...

By wRitErsbLock....

( )Gone on a blind date
(x) Skipped school
(x) Watched someone die
(x) Been to Canada
( ) Been to Mexico
(x) Been to Florida
(x) Been on a plane
(x) Been lost
(x) Been on the opposite side of the country
(X) Gone to Washington, DC
(x) Swam in the ocean
(x) Cried yourself to sleep
(x) Played cops and robber
(x) Recently colored with crayons (recent, to me, meaning within the last month)
(x) Sang Karaoke
(x) Paid for a meal with coins only?
(x) Done something you told yourself you wouldnt?
(x) Made prank phone calls (before caller ID)
(x) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
(x) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
(x) Danced in the rain
(x) Written a letter to Santa Claus
(x) Been kissed under the mistletoe
(x) Watched the sunrise with someone you care about
(x) Blown bubbles
( ) Gone ice-skating
( ) Been skinny dipping outdoors
(x) Gone to the movies

1. Any nickname? CTG, Cal, Callie, Doc, and several based on my real name.
2. Mothers name? mommy
3. Favorite drink? Dr. P
4. Tattoo? no
5. Body Piercing? ears. One each
6. How much do you love your job? Some days....
7. Birthplace? Fresno
8. Favorite vacation spot? the beach
9. Ever been to Africa ? someday.....
10. Ever eaten cookies for dinner? Yes. Yum.
11. Ever been on TV? yes
12. Ever steal any traffic sign? Yes. But it was already down
13. Ever been in a car accident? Yes
14. Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? How about 5?
15. Favorite salad dressing? Pomegranate Balsamic Vinaigrette
16. Favorite pie? banana creme or cheesecake
17. Favorite number? eleven
18. Favorite movie? Blazing Saddles
19. Favorite holiday? Christmas!
20. Favorite dessert? ice cream
21. Favorite food? meat
22. Favorite day of the week? Saturday
23. Favorite brand of body wash? Bath and Body Works
24. Favorite toothpaste? Sensodyne Fresh Mint
25. Favorite smell? Spiced Apples/ Cinnamon
26. What do you do to relax? sensory deprivation
What, no 27?
28. How do you see yourself in 10 years? Older
29. Furthest place you will send this message? Who knows
30. Who will respond to this the fastest? No idea
31. Favorite restaurant? Elmo's Diner in Chapel Hill (not Durham. The Durham one sucks)
32. Five people to tag: Y'all do it if you want.

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February 25, 2008

Now this is amusing...

That's pretty much my brain.....

h/t VW Bug

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February 27, 2008

Southwest Airlines is Beautiful

Southwest Airlines responds to the two chickies who claimed they were discriminated against because they were "too pretty"...

Turns out they were just too foul-mouthed and combative......

Check out Southwest's video response:

Here's what else Southwest had to say (from the "About this Video" tab):

Southwest Airlines would like to set the record straight regarding a situation involving two female Customers, Ms. Sarah Williams and Ms. Nisreen Swedberg, on Flight #3600 from Tampa Bay to Los Angeles on February 14, 2008. During this flight, the Flight Crew and several witnesses confirm that Ms. Williams and Ms. Swedberg's unruly behavior was touched off by an occupied lavatory. After banging on the door, Ms. Williams and Ms. Swedberg became verbally abusive and threatening toward the Customer who had been using the lavatory.

When Our Flight Crew addressed the situation with Ms. Williams and Ms. Swedberg, the two Customers continued their threatening behavior and abusive language. At this time, the Flight Crew requested that local police meet the flight upon its arrival in Los Angeles. The police questioned several witnesses, as well as Ms. Williams and Ms. Swedberg, who were later released. Contrary to reports, we did not ban these Customers from flying Southwest Airlines.

Our Employees must maintain a Safe and comfortable environment onboard the aircraft at all times. According to some news reports, this story has nothing to do with Ms. Swedberg and Ms. Williams' appearance, but rather their use of what other Passengers tell us was profanity and threatening behavior onboard one of our flights. Finally, we would have gone out of business a long time ago if we discriminated against beautiful women -- or anyone else for that matter. We carry almost 100 million Customers a year, and they are all beautiful in our eyes.

For members of the media who would like an interview or more information, please contact Southwest Airlines Public Relations at: 214-792-4847.
Right on!

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Jimmy + Ben sitting in a tree.....

First we had Sarah Silverman f***ing Matt Damon....

And then Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck.....

But now, everyone who didn't get to be in the video feels bad....

"From the minute Sarah's video with Matt played, revenge has been percolating in Jimmy's mind," says Jill Leiderman, the show's executive producer. "The Friday morning after it aired, Jimmy came in and said 'I need Ben Affleck."'

Affleck's consent lead to Harrison Ford's involvement -- he was a fan of Silverman and Damon's video, apparently -- which then lead to Brad Pitt's cameo as the delivery guy who presents Affleck and Kimmel with a cake celebrating their love.

Head music booker Scott Igoe said that once Pitt was on board, he reached out to the musicians who had appeared previously on the show and had proven themselves to be good sports. Within 24 hours, he had the Maddens, Gray and Wentz on board -- and had really ticked off Ashlee Simpson, who wanted to participate but was unable to because she was on tour, he says.

"Basically, we devised the list: 'Who has been on the show in the past that we really like?"' Igoe says.

The music for the song was written by Kimmel's bandleader Cleto Escobedo, with the lyrics devised by Kimmel, Kimmel's brother, John, and the show's writing staff. The video was filmed in two days at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and at nearby Henson Studios, site of the "We Are the World" session.

"Half the e-mails I've gotten the day after have been from publicists so disappointed that their clients weren't in it," Igoe says, mentioning Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Paul McCartney.

Whether the song will be released as an official download is up to ABC, Leiderman says, but she promises they'll make the appropriate inquiries to see if they can get a single put out.

Igoe, meanwhile, has his sight set on a bling-ier outcome. "Hey, if 'D--k in a Box' can win an Emmy, why can't we?" he asks.

And of course, all this was just an excuse to post this:

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