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March 05, 2008

I can breathe Dr. Pepper???!?!?!?!?!?!?

SWEET. That's essentially my blood anyway.....

Your Pokéname is:


You live in the prairies of Botswana, and your diet consists mostly of rocks, wolves and lattés.
(Combat and Non-combat)
You can walk on air. You can breathe Dr. Pepper. You can spit rocks. You can shoot hot death.
You can shoot wind. You can spit acid. You have a fear of tahini.
Natural Enemies:
Your natural enemy is Humtwo.

h/t Eebra

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March 06, 2008

" 'pints" sized update

I got the following email from Ken S of it comes in pints? this morning, and he told me I could share it with you:


We're hoping it's just a temporary issue. Emily's working on it but we're both snowed under with work. Meanwhile, the lovely and talented Mr. Bingley has given us temporary refuge here: http://www.coalitionoftheswilling.net

If things aren't back to normal by tomorrow, the FFOT will be there or a link to wherever it is.

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March 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Granny

wB turns 31 today! Isn't she lovely?

Welcome to the over the hill gang,my friend!

That box'll get there as soon as it gets over its gout.....

Update: link fixed. Must be my OLD ARTHRITIC FINGERS.

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March 08, 2008

Picture Pages!

I finally got around to posting more pictures. Puppy goodness and the saga of installing the dishwasher are now available at Flickr.

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March 10, 2008

March 14, 2008

Happy Pi Day Y'all!

And here's the perfect treat to celebrate with:

And Happy Birthday, Albert! You would be 129 today!
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March 18, 2008

Notes from Real Life..

Crazy doesn't begin to cover it, folks.

And yet I can't think of a better word to describe the last week.

It started out great. I was very productive at work, got through my "pre-Friday" to-do list on Wednesday, if you can believe it, and got my classes back on schedule. No mean feat, I assure you. Wednesday night I went to rehearsal, we went out to dinner and did some shopping, and then we had a quiet evening in front of the TV.

Thursday we awoke to what sounded like a helicopter hovering over the house. And then, as we both got up and began to move about, we noticed that the water pressure in the house seemed very low. But, neither of us needed a shower, and we both had to be out of the house early, so we put it on the mental back burner.

Until I opened the front door to go out to the car. I was greeted by a fountain and a flood.

Some IDIOT thought it would be funny to break our hosepipe off at the top of the dirt. Oh well, they got theirs...a face full of water. HA. MORON. You could see where they were standing... clearly they were in the path of the fountain.

But seriously, what kind of IDIOT doesn't know that there's water in water pipes. No shit.

We called the police, and the officers who came out were highly amused. To say the least. Like us, they figure it was probably a kid. Especially since Hubby had a kid threaten to egg our house earlier in the week. This is being followed up by the PD and at the school.

Friday was a boring day. I can't remember what I did. No kidding.

Saturday we worked all day in the yard, doing a lot of ripping and planting. We had IHOP green eggs and ham and Who Cakes for breakfast. YUMMY!

Sunday I woke up sick. SICK. Like bad tummy sick. If that wasn't bad enough, I had to be at a "work retreat" at 5pm.

I am still moderately queasy. So I am staying home today.

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March 23, 2008

An open apology

To those of you who know me in RL.

I'm sorry I've been so short with you lately, remote, cross, grumpy, etc.

I've been under a hell of a lot of stress lately. My job sucks big hairy donkey balls at the moment and I am being pulled in 6 different directions. Maybe 7. I lost count a while ago.

Add to that a new physical therapy regimen, and allergy season, and well, I have been an idiot.

Crying at the drop of a hat is nothing new for me, but having been guilty of it in public 3 times this week is too much. Especially combined with spending a good portion of my weekend curled up under covers.

Clearly I am compensating. So just let me be for a while, and I promise I'll be back to myself once I get things a bit more under control outside of myself. Or at least once I figure out where I stand. Or maybe just when I find the remote to the ceiling fan.

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March 25, 2008

Retail Therapy, dig it.

I got paid today.

And I got this. Oh HELL YEAH.

I am a bigger fan of the international track list (which includes The Cure and Barenaked Ladies), but there's plenty on the US version to love.

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March 26, 2008

Bucking Trends

We do that a lot around here I guess. First we bought a house when everyone said we should wait (if we had waited, we would never have closed on a mortgage courtesy of everyone and their aunt foreclosing...)

And now we bought a dishwasher (custom order since it's white... and the date stamped on the back is actually 3 days after we paid for it) when durable goods orders are "inexplicably" down.

Oh well. It's nice to contribute to the economy!

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March 31, 2008

Why is it?

I am so frigging much more productive working at home.

For example, I have sent a number of critical emails, both work and personal, arranged the appointment for the puppy's spay (next Monday, poor puppy) and gotten the sheets off the bed to be changed as soon as the mattress cover comes out of the dryer. I also showered and sorted and started a load of laundry. Also on the work front, I read through a number of documents regarding our upcoming accreditation review.

AND I have been blog reading and twitter-ing AND watching baseball.(KC vs DET on ESPN).

AND I only got up 2.5 hours ago.

If I was at work I would have: commuted, made photocopies, and sent some emails.

I love working from home.

Oh, and for the record, you can also keep up with me courtesy of my twitter page.

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