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August 06, 2007

I owe you people an update

I spent the weekend on home improvement. Pictures soon.

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Bullets Over Pasadena

Or, I have a lot to say and not much time....

-- So we did a LOT of home improvement type stuff this weekend. Here's a partial list: New bathroom sink, new bathroom light fixture, new TP holder attached to sink cabinet, old TP holder and towel bar removed, wall heater removed, installed two new light fixtures, repaired the old ceiling fan in our den (it still squeaks, but we're no longer afraid it will detach itself from the ceiling and careen around the room) replaced the dimmer switch in dining room, and prepped our ceiling for the ceiling fan we bought. Today, hubby did the exterior paint touch up work left from the termite repair work and cleaned out and re-seated the rain gutters. Next up: shelves in the linen closet, two ceiling fans, a chandelier in the dining room, and paint touch-ups. I'll get some pictures up soon. Now that 90% of the crap is put away, it's easier to do these silly little things that take so long and make you so frustrated....

-- Thursday night we went to the Dodgers/Giants game. The Dodgers' staff are super nice and helpful when you have obnoxious idiots in your section. Everyone in our section thinks they asked us to leave for asking them to remove people, but guess what? This "fat fucking bitch" (yes, that's what she called me) got better seats in another section for the rest of the game thanks to you being an asshole. Oh, and Barry still sucks.

--We're WAAAAY behind on TV. I've got about 12 hours of catch up from this week's TV (we just got through The Closer from Monday, and we watch that religiously! Usually we see it on Monday or Tuesday at the latest)... Mom and Dad were here Wednesday to Sunday (we took them to the game, and Dad helped with the various bathroom projects), and that also cut into TV time.

--We've been having a visitor of another sort as well. Guest blogger/ frequent commenter/ buddy ZTZCheese and her hubby are on vacation, and their bearded dragon has been living on our patio, eating his worms and soaking up the sunshine. Pictures soon if I get the ok from his humans.

-- I missed a bunch of people's birthdays this last week. Sorry guys. I was a little out of it. Much love to all of you. You know who you are.

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August 07, 2007

I didn't go to Caltech for nothing, folks.

Oh yeah!

On the Common Sense Quiz:
How smart are you?

Am-I-Dumb.com - Are you dumb?

On the Sports Quiz:
How smart are you?

Am-I-Dumb.com - Are you dumb?

h/t Chickie..... who is smarter than 92.8% of you.

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Barry Sucks! Barry Sucks!

Ok, it's over. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.... at least we will after we rehash #756 over and over and over and over again.  Maybe tomorrow sometime......

Oh, and Barry, keep it in mind, cheaters never prosper. You may not have been convicted in a court of law, but NO ONE's head grows THREE sizes over the course of your major league career. Your skull bones fuse sometime in childhood.

Proud to be a member of the Dodger Stadium "Barr-roids" Crew

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August 08, 2007

This week's muttering

Here we go again.... My answers in the extended. Play along in the comments!

1. Voices ::
2. Have to ::
3. Machine ::
4. Seventh grade ::
5. Beach ::
6. Roommate ::
7. Cyclone ::
8. Theater ::
9. Pregnant ::
10. Phoebe ::

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August 09, 2007

Does he squeak?

I think we'll be getting one of these for the Princess!

h/t Ken S

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Ends Justify the Means? I don't think so.

It's official.  The Democrats have decided that Fred Thompson will be the Republican candidate in 2008.  How do I know this, you ask?  Well, lets see:

1.  First they gossiped that Mrs. Thompson was nothing more than a trophy wife, and tried to insinuate that she was the reason his first marriage broke up... except that she's brilliant and professional and Fred didn't meet her until more than a decade after his divorce, and after several serious relationships after the marriage.  (many links here for more info)

2. They tried to paint Fred as a flip-flopper on abortion.  Nice trick there, but it didn't work that well, did it?

3.  Now they're trying to link him to the KKK?  Hey Henry Reynolds, I know you live here in LA la land, but there IS a difference between reality and TV.

So I ask the Democrats: You've got like 9 people running on your side of the aisle.  Are you trying to say that NONE of them measures up to Fred where it counts? (that would be on the record, dirtbags)  Or just that your scared spitless because you didn't see him coming?

Funny how Fred didn't matter to you until he showed you he was a master of YOUR milieu as well as his own.

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So which House are you?

The Grand Poobah of Harry Potter Goodness, aka SarahK (finish the darned review already!) has a quick and dirty quiz to help you choose a house at Hogwarts without benefit of the Sorting Hat.

My answers in the extended.

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August 10, 2007

I suppose this belongs on this week's FFO thread*, but what the hell...

The universe is conspiring against me.

It's the small pathetic things that rankle so much.  Like your husband
being called into jury duty on FRIDAY after being told to go about his
business all week and basically being told that he will be sitting on
his ass from 7:30 am until 4pm, thank you very much, on THE day you
made plans to go out of town early, and for which you took the day off
of work.... and since you are sitting at home, the cable decides to go
out,and of course the internet with it.  And when the son-of-a-bitch
finally comes back up, the fucking router refuses to do its job, so I'm
now within 6 inches of no internet and the TV is fuzzy on and off.

Not to mention that he got lost driving into downtown, ended
up in East LA and I had to talk him in to where he was going after
figuring out where he was.  FROM 10 MILES AWAY.

Big things I can handle.  I can deal.  I have a gameplan.  This piddly little shit?  I could murder someone today.

*FFO = Friday Fuck Off.  Here.

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SciFi is showing a FIREFLY MARATHON!!!! until 3pm!

Yes, I own it.  But STILL.

And Flash Gordon starts tonight.

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August 14, 2007

Sorry, Crap mood here

Too much crappy stuff going on around me.  It rubs off.

UPDATE: Work is working itself out without me needing to do anything else at the moment.  Feeling much smiley-er.

Thanks for the well-wishes, they were much appreciated!

Now, off to buy a screen door!

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August 15, 2007

Mutter me this....

Here we go again. You know what to do.

1. Voyage ::
2. Patricia ::
3. Transformation ::
4. Vocabulary ::
5. San Francisco ::
6. Edward ::
7. Sawyer ::
8. Literary ::
9. Tiger ::
10. Seal ::

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Mmmmm..... Sandwiches........

I guess ricki and I are mortal enemies... except I know better.

You Are a Club Sandwich

You are have a big personality. It's hard for anyone to ignore you! You dream big. You think big. And you eat big.

Some people consider you high maintenance, but you just know what you want... and when you want it.

Your best friend: The Tuna Fish Sandwich

Your mortal enemy: The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

What Kind of Sandwich Are You?

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August 17, 2007

A real post for a change: Fred Update!

It's an open secret that Fred is probably going to announce his candidacy officially over Labor Day weekend.  Ahead of the announcement, the media blitz from the campaign has begun, including a great article in Thursday's WaPo by David Broder.

The approach Thompson says he's contemplating is one that will step on many sensitive political toes. When he says "we're getting a free ride" fighting a necessary war in Iraq with an undersized military establishment, "wearing out our people and equipment," it sounds like a criticism of the president and the Pentagon.

When he says he would have opposed adding the prescription drug benefit to Medicare, "a $17 trillion add-on to a program that's going bankrupt," he is fighting the bipartisan judgment of the last Congress.

When he says the FBI is perhaps incapable of morphing itself into the smart domestic security agency the country needs, he is attacking another sacred cow.


"Nobody in Congress or on either side in the presidential race wants to deal with it," Thompson said. "So we just rock along and try to maintain the status quo. Republicans say keep the tax cuts; Democrats say keep the entitlements. And we become a less unified country in the process, with a tax code that has become an unholy mess, and all we do is tinker around the edges."

Thompson readily concedes that he does not know "where all those chips are going to fall" when he starts challenging members of various interest groups to look beyond their individual agendas and weigh the sacrifices that could ensure a better future for their children.

But these issues -- national security and the fiscal crisis of an aging society with runaway heath-care costs -- "are worth a portion of a man's life. If I can't get elected talking that way, I probably don't deserve to be elected."

Read the whole thing here.

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Stupid computer tricks

So I was checking my email earlier, and then, as usual, I closed the laptop and set it on the floor to watch TV.  About an hour later, I picked it up, and it was REALLY hot.  Like it was trying to work and couldn't get the fan on.  So I picked it up and set it on the fan pad we have, and opened it up.  The screen was black and said "Can not find Operating System".

After two panicked seconds I restarted it, and everything seems to be working fine, except Firefox seems to have reloaded all of my extensions, as if I had just installed them for the first time, and I had to reset my profile and reload my rss feed list into Sage.  All my buttons and bookmarks were present, though.

Anybody got any clue?  Virus check didn't find anything new....  It seems to be cooling down, too.

It also has this trick of unfastening the battery because the fan pad pushes the lock bar over, but it hasn't done that in a while, so I think this is unrelated to that.....

Oh, and it's a Sony VAIO VGN-SZ330P running Windows XP.

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Your Friday Funnies

or, Yet Another Reason I am going to hell....

The LOLCatz bible.  Yep.

Matthew 1:

1. Dis book of genie-ologee of Jesus Christ, son of Dave, son of Abe:

2. Abe maded Isaac, Isaac maded Jake, Jake maded Jude and hiz bros.

3. Jude maded Perry and Zeryy wit Tammmy. Perry maded Hez, and Zerry maded Ram.

4. Ram maded Amminy, Amminy maded Nathan and Nathan maded Salmon. Not the fish, lol.

5. Salmon maded Bo, Bo maded Obe wit Ruth, Obe maded Jesse

6. and Jesse maded King Dave teh king. King Dave teh king maded Solomon wit sum chick that used to made peoples wit Uriah. Lol, Uriah got pwned.

7. Solomon maded Rebby, Rebby maded Abi and Abi maded Asa.

8. Asa maded Jehoseh...sumtin, and he maded Jorry and Jorry maded Uzzy.

9. Uzzy maded Jotham, Jotham maded Ahaz and Ahaz maded Hezeky.

10. Hezeky maded anny, Manny maded Ammy and Ammy maded Josh.

11. Josh maded Jecony and hiz bros, was bout when they was carryeded to Babblylon.

12. And after they was in Babblylon Jecon maded Shealty, and Shealty maded Zerubbabbabbabbabba.

13. Zerubbabbabbabbabba maded Abey, Abey maded Eli and Eli maded Az.

14. Az maded Zaddy, Zaddy maded Achy and Achy maded diffrent Eli.

15. Diffrent Eli maded other diffrent Eli, other diffrent Eli maded Matty and Matty maded Jake.

16. And Jake maded Joe. Joe was teh mister of Mary, and she maded Jesus, who gets called Christ, liek all teh time. Srsly.

17. So all teh genenerayshuns from Abe to Dave am 14 genenerayshuns, frm Dave to gettin lockeded up in Babblylon am 14 genenerayshuns, and frm gettin lockeded up in Babblylon to teh Christ am 14 genenerayshuns. Srsly.

18. Now, teh burth of teh Christ was liek dis: After Marry and Joe were all "We's gonna get marrieded, kthnx", but before dey could had teh secks (Not 2 sai dey eva did had secks), Mary was all preggers from the Holey Ghosty.

19. Joe was all liek "Oh snap, dis embarrassin. I's gonna hide mah wife".

20. But when he was tihnkin, zomg, angel frm Invisible Man was in his dreems! Angel sayed "Hai, don't be fraided to has Mary for ur wife, cuz her baby be frm Holey Ghosty.

21. "And she gonna made a son, and you gonna call him Jesus, cuz he gonna save ppl and pwn dere sinz."

22. So all dis was all did so it'd be all liek Invisible Man sayed it was gonna be. His profet was all liek:

23. "Hay guise, look at dis, teh virgin iz all preggers, and dey gonna call him Immany", dat means "Invisible Man wit us"

24. Then Joe woked up, done wat teh angel frm Invisible Man tolded him to, and was all liek "U wit me now (Tho, Mary is teh Invisible Man's wife) lol" at Mary.

25. And dey ner had secks (So dat Mary could be called "Queen of Invisible Man's Kingdom") evn affer dey gets a son and calleded him Jesus.

I especially loved verse 6 and 21.....
h/t redsugar muse

NIV translation below the fold for comparison...

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It's Friday night, what the heck.

So here's two ENTIRELY inappropriate but COMPLETELY HILARIOUS links for you to enjoy:

He-Man and the Song of the Super Pe-nis


Doggy style... sort of.

Both of these links are true stories and completely PG-13.

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August 18, 2007

Tell me this is more than just a rumor!

JK Rowling may have picked up her pen again.....

J.K. Rowling has been spotted at cafes in Scotland working on a detective novel, a British newspaper reported Saturday.

The Sunday Times newspaper quoted Ian Rankin, a fellow author and neighbor of Rowling's, as saying the creator of the "Harry Potter" books is turning to crime fiction.

"My wife spotted her writing her Edinburgh criminal detective novel," the newspaper, which was available late Saturday, quoted Rankin as telling a reporter at an Edinburgh literary festival.

"It is great that she has not abandoned writing or Edinburgh cafes," said Rankin, who is known for his own police novels set in the historic Scottish city.

I love Scottish detective novels! And I love JKR, too. This ought to be AWESOME!

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August 20, 2007

It's a Boy!

Congratulations Jay and Deb on the arrival of baby #3!!!

From the super happy proud Papa:
7:57 AM
B lbs 4 oz
18 inches
Sooo cute. All boy. Looks like me and Sadie.
Drop by and give them your best! Pictures as soon as Daddy gets to download them from the camera!
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Something Smells....

Last night around 1 am we were awakened to what sounded like someone rummaging through our kitchen cabinets.  We both jumped out of bed, and went to the kitchen, but there was no one there.  There were however strange noises emanating from the side of the house.  Hubby went upstairs to make sure there was no one in the attic, and I went over to the front window to look out.

A few moments later the thumping outside stopped, and we heard some high-pitched shrieking, sort of a mix between a cat in heat and a screech owl.  As I looked out the window, I began to discern a very characteristic shape.....  body slightly larger than a cat, with a tall, bushy tail pointing skyward.

Yep. Pepe Le Pew.  In my sideyard.

He/She/It ran across the lawn directly to our neighbor's driveway, and then zig-zagged it's way up the street and around the corner where we lost sight of it.  It disappeared before I could go get the camera.  Too bad.

There's no sign it was UNDER the house, as the crawlspace cover doesn't appear to have been disturbed, and the only signs of digging are under the fence, but it sprayed somewhere in the vicinity of the front corner of the house, and the REEK was unbelievable, even at 10 am.

We had some fox urine crystals left from the battle with the squirrels, and upon finding them to be useful for skunks, too, hubby has been shaking them all over that side of the house and at the crawlspace entrance.  We're also planning to go get a big spotlight to plug in and put under the house tonight, as the experts say that is the best humane way to scare them off, being very nocturnal creatures.

Possums are a pretty common occurrence in Pasadena, they live all over town, and you can tell by the stench after midnight most nights of the year.  The skunks are a recent phenomena in our neighborhood, as far as I can tell, as the aroma of the backyard changed only recently.  I'm really hoping that means there aren't baby skunks under my house.

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It's official

August 2007 is officially Fucking Asshole Ex-Spouse month. I know of at least 6 separate incidents (both online and in RL) where my friends and their children have been having issues with psycho evil exes, for seemingly no reason.

Is there something in the water?

Y'all have my love and my sympathy, and the fucking bitches/ dickless assholes on the other side of the equation can just FOAD. Eternally. If there's anything I can do, you know where to find me. I just hope this sentiment isn't contagious.

Don't you stupid fuckers know that the ONLY ones who get hurt in these scenarios are your KIDS?

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Michael Vick - The case explained

Over at Patterico's, guest blogger WLS does a great job of laying out the prosecutorial process in the Michael Vick case.

WLS explains the strategy of the superseding indictment, offense level, the possibility of sentence enhancement, the discretion of the judge in sentencing, and why the prosecution is pushing for a sentence of more than 12 months.

There's lots of great question and answer in the comments, too, so pop over and find out what you've been dying to know.

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Finally! A book meme!

Stolen from Ricki:

What are you reading right now?
Espresso Tales by Alexander McCall Smith

Do you have any idea what you'll read when you'e done with that?
Probably The Poe Shadow by Matthew Pearl

What magazines do you have in your bathroom right now?
Magazines? You mean those things ammo comes in? There's books, though, including some Harry Potter in the bathroom right now, though. 5 or 7..... not sure which I brought back in the bedroom.

What's the worst thing you were ever forced to read?
How about a top 10 list?
Great Expectations, Lord of the Flies, The Awakening, The Crying of Lot 49, Heart of Darkness, Arrowsmith, A Tale of Two Cities, Emily Dickenson poems (not because they suck but because they lead to weeks of "Yellow Rose of Texas" earwormage), and for sheer suckage, my Calculus books (Tommy I and Tommy II) and that god-awful Physical Chemistry text.

What's the one book you always recommend to just about everyone?
Another list:
Reading Lolita in Tehran, Devil in the White City, The Dante Club, The Historian, Stephen King's Different Seasons, Harry Potter, etc. etc.

Admit it, the librarians at your library know you on a first name basis, don't they?
Nope. I love my books to death. And I love to reread. Hence I buy them and KEEP them. My mom's a librarian, though. She knows me on a first name basis. Does that count?

Is there a book you absolutely love, but for some reason, people never think it sounds interesting, or maybe they read it and don't like it at all?
My favorite book is Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo. Most people just don't get it. Also a lot of Stephen King books. People are scared to pick up a "horror" novel, and they're just not that. Yeah, scary stuff, but it's just a platform for an amazingly written, character driven story.

Do you read books while you eat? While you bathe? While you watch movies or TV? While you listen to music? While you're on the computer? While you're having sex? While you're driving?
That would be: Yes, Yes, Sometimes, Often, Occasionally (usually this has to do with work), NEVER (that would be rude), and ABSOLUTELY not (UNSAFE, hello!!!)

When you were little, did other children tease you about your reading habits?
Hell yes. I got teased for breathing. Come on, now. But I read constantly. Let's put it this way, once, when I was a kid my mom tried to punish me by taking away my books. So I picked up the shampoo bottles and toothpaste tubes in the bathroom and read those.

What's the last thing you stayed up half the night reading because it was so good you couldn't put it down?
Literally? The Da Vinci Code. I was on a red eye to Michigan and couldn't sleep. The Historian. I read that in TN after a night of hanging out with Blown-Eyes. It was that good. And of course, HP7.

I've thought of some other book questions for you all:

What book have you stayed up all night NOT reading (because it disturbed you in some way)? Has a book ever entered your dreams?

What book/ series would you like to write an ending too? Or rewrite? I'm not strictly talking about fanfic, just this: given the opportunity, which stories would you like to work on?

Best book to movie transition? And as a corollary, what books should NEVER be a movie?

Do you prefer one-off novels or character-driven series books? What's your favorite book series?

Which book character do you see yourself as most like? How about when you were a kid?

Ever NOT want to finish a book because you were desperately afraid that the author was going to take it somewhere you didn't like? Ever fling a book at the wall because that happened?

Ok, that's plenty. Feel free to do the whole meme, or in parts. I'll answer the second half tomorrow.

Oh, and consider yourself tagged, mostly 'cause I wanna know what you read:
Ken (because he tags me all the time)

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August 22, 2007

Pasadena: whiners with no priorities

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my neighbors:

For Stephen Lipira, a citywide police crackdown on gangs going on for the past year has virtually transformed his North Raymond Avenue neighborhood.

"You would think we were in the Bronx," says the Pasadena Neighborhood Coalition vice-chairman.

Things are so bad now, agrees fellow member Lorraine Montgomery, she's thinking of moving out after 20 years.

"It's not only the harsh grating noise but also the vibrations that you can feel over your entire body."

As part of a tripling of police enforcement levels in Northwest Pasadena in response to 10 homicides in the past 19 months, the police's fleet of helicopters - two Enstrom F28F's, a Bell 206 BIII, and two Bell OH-58 Kiowa Warriors - has been busy.

The Foothill Air Support Team (FAST), shared by 10 area cities, has flown out on about 4,482 emergency calls in Pasadena just in the first six months of this year. Taking off from the Arroyo Seco, the helicopters can fly to a crime in 45 seconds, on average, said Pasadena Air Operations OIC, Lt. Robert Mulhall.

"The effectiveness of the helicopter is unparalleled when it comes to speed," said Chief Bernard Melekian. "I think any resident who calls for a police response would appreciate the additional eyes and ears."

You think, Bernie? For what it's worth, I agree with you. I live not very far from the idiots quoted above. I worry about the gang problems in Pasadena over the last few months. I see what's going on in the streets, too.

But I know that keeping our kids from KILLING EACH OTHER (and the rest of us in the crossfire) is a hell of a lot more important that a little extra noise from the helicopters. Where did these people lose their sense of perspective? And they claim to be NEIGHBORHOOD ACTIVISTS? Give me a freaking break. If one of them was the target of a crime, I suspect they'd demand the helicopter go after the bad guys, post haste, and all the noise be damned.

I'm all in favor of noise ordinances for things like airports and industrial sites, if there's a reasonable way to reduce noise for neighborhood residents. But to cut back on the ability of the police to do their job just because you don't like the noise? Are you kidding me? What's next? No sirens on police cars, ambulances, or fire trucks? And speaking of sirens, why all of a sudden is it the helicopters that bother you? 90% of the time when I hear the chopper, the sirens come right behind. And they are a hell of a lot more annoying, and certainly louder than the helicopter, even when it hovers over my street.

And one other thing, you whiny crybabies. Next time you hear the helicopter coming, go in the house and turn on your fans. I think you'll be surprised to note you can't hear it anymore. Just like I can't.

h/t Centinel at Foothill Cities

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Finishing the book meme....

What book have you stayed up all night NOT reading (because it disturbed you in some way)? Has a book ever entered your dreams?
Hmmmm. I don't think a book ever disturbed me to the point of not sleeping... I put Pet Sematary down first. Most books I read come into my dreams, especially if I read just before bed and I like the characters immensely.

What book/ series would you like to write an ending too? Or rewrite? I'm not strictly talking about fanfic, just this: given the opportunity, which stories would you like to work on?
Again, a toughie. I generally love long series, so I like to work out my own post-series endings. When I was a kid I had new books plotted out for Mary Poppins and the Anne of Green Gables series (post- Rilla of Ingleside, of course)

Best book to movie transition? And as a corollary, what books should NEVER be a movie?
Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone was done well, as was Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Also, two of the best book movies were The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. Now that I think about it, Stand By Me was also good (from the Stephen King novella "The Body").... The Count of Monte Cristo is such an intricate story, it DOES NOT make a good film, ditto Dumas' other classic, the Three Musketeers. I'll have to think of others....

Do you prefer one-off novels or character-driven series books? What's your favorite book series?
I love series books, always have. Starting with Laura (Little House) and Anne (of Green Gables); Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden. My shelves are full of series novels: Alexander McCall Smith (Sunday Philosophers' Club, 44 Scotland Street, and Ladies #1 Detective Agency series); the Big Stone Gap series by Adriana Trigiani; Robert Crais' Elvis Cole mysteries; J.A. Jance's J.P. Beaumont; Kathy Reichs (I can't watch Bones because I like the books so much, BTW); The Dragonfly in Amber series; A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket; Harry Potter (of course); Sherlock Holmes; Peter Mayle's Provence books; Eragon and Eldest; Tolkien; C.S. Lewis' Narnia series; Stephen King's Dark Tower; etc. etc. There's more, but I can't think of them now. I think when I read a story, the characters speak to me more than the plot, and I like to follow them as they change across the ebb and flow of their lives.

Which book character do you see yourself as most like? How about when you were a kid?
That's pretty tough. Today the character MOST like me that I've read is Hermione Granger. I know, kinda trite, but you know that whole scene in HP7 where she gets mad at Ron (I'd say more but some haven't yet gotten that far)? That's me. I knew what was going to happen there before I read it. Think I've lived it. Not to mention the whole nerd thing. As a kid the characters I most identified with were Josephine March and Laura Ingalls. Which shouldn't surprise anyone that knows me at all.

Ever NOT want to finish a book because you were desperately afraid that the author was going to take it somewhere you didn't like? Ever fling a book at the wall because that happened?
Yes. Definitely. I get very wrapped up in the characters, and I have a maxim that life is too short for unhappy endings. There is little more I dislike in literature than when the characters I love and adore get the shit end of the stick at the end of the book. Give me a break. I feel really cheated when that happens. Speaking of cheating, the last book I remember flinging was "Big Cherry Holler". If you've read it, you know what I mean.

Sorry it was later than I planned, but there it is.

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PSA: Yahoo! Photos closing!

In case you hadn't heard, Yahoo! photos is closing because Yahoo! now owns Flickr, and they want to focus on Flickr.  However, according to this, if you choose to move your pictures to Flickr, Yahoo! Photos is going to free upgrade you to Flickr Pro for three months.  Sweet.

We'll see how that goes....  I of course chose Flickr, because I'm becoming obsessed with it.... and my 556 pictures uploaded to Yahoo! should have a nice home there.

I wonder if Tivo now supports Flickr.....

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August 23, 2007

For Richmond

So, how bad IS your attitude today?

You Are 82% Bitchy

While you may not think of yourself as the ice queen, admit it, you're often in a bad mood.

And it's those around you who often bear the brunt of your annoyance, even if they haven't done anything wrong!

How Bitchy Are You?

Love ya, babe!

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August 24, 2007

Ummmm, enough with the Pay to Blog crap, ok? (UPDATED)

I mean, I totally get that it's a great way to make extra $$ and I love all of you, but I swear to ALLAH, that if I see THE SAME DAMN ADVERTISEMENT on multiple blogs again I AM GOING TO QUIT READING BLOGS WITH PAID POSTS.

ESPECIALLY when they aren't labeled as sponsored posts. If some posts are labeled and some aren't, it can be annoying.

For example: wRitErsbLock and Mandy, and sarahk and Kate.


I wouldn't bitch, except this happened twice in 10 minutes. Sheesh.

Pam has an interesting discussion here in the comments. I said this:

The honesty issue bugs me, too. Thats one of the things that gets to me. I mean, why is someone who I know to be a homebody suddenly dreaming about Vegas? Or a healthy person expounding on the virtues of lap band surgery? Which is why the NOT labeling posts gets to me, too. It seems dishonest. Especially when other posts are clearly labeled as sponsored posts.

What set me off the other day, though, was multiple posts on the same advertisers. It was just too weird.

I know some of you were upset and unhappy with what you felt was me pointing fingers, and I'm sorry if you were offended by what I said, originally, and I have edited myself. Clearly though, this is an issue that people care about.

PS: Any of you with paid posts should know better. I'll be back. I'm an addict, after all. Just frustrated.

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August 25, 2007

The Witching Hour

Found in Blogblivion.  And pretty much true....

You Are Midnight

You are more than a little eccentric, and you're apt to keep very unusual habits.

Whether you're a nightowl, living in a commune, or taking a vow of silence - you like to experiment with your lifestyle.

Expressing your individuality is important to you, and you often lie awake in bed thinking about the world and your place in it.

You enjoy staying home, but that doesn't mean you're a hermit. You also appreciate quality time with family and close friends.

What Time Of Day Are You?

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August 27, 2007

Mutter Monday

You know the deal.....

1. Uneven ::
2. Wonder ::
3. Spider ::
4. Emma ::
5. Swing::
6. Orbit ::
7. Flirt ::
8. Donation ::
9. Veil ::
10. Atmosphere ::

As always, my answers below the jump.....

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More Mutter Fun

Somehow I missed last week's.....

1. Darling ::
2. Majesty ::
3. Pebble ::
4. Fate ::
5. Instant ::
6. Screen ::
7. Unplugged ::
8. Dairy ::
9. Benefactor ::
10. Market ::

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August 28, 2007

School Daze....

Today was the first day of school here at Tiny U.    We've recently developed a new program that funnels most of its students into my class, so the class was double the size this year.

That's 12 instead of 6.

It's an interesting mix.  I have everything from 17 and 18 year old traditional freshmen to students who are my age and returning to finish up the prerequisite classes for medical school.  Most of them are very bright, and you can bet I'm going to be riding the asses of the low ones to keep up, because they all have serious potential to do well.

As usual, the first class was pretty short.  I had a 15 slide power point which was both introductory material (biological chemistry stuff) and points about the syllabus (show up, don't cheat, do your work, come to office hours).  Then we talked briefly about lab safety and all the dos and don'ts of the lab.  Most of which are common sense.  Like don't touch a hot plate, you can't tell if it's too hot or not.  Or never pipet by mouth.  Umm.  EWWWWW.  And yet, there are idiots in this world who do.  I swear.

We were done by the time I should have been done lecturing.  Yay me.  So I spent the next hour wrestling a copier and copying the first two chapters for students whose books still haven't arrived.  See, one of the drawbacks of being Tiny U. is that we don't have a bookstore.  So students have to order their books online or look for them at USC, UCLA, or some other large bookstore.  And that can take time.  In a class I taught 2 years ago, the books were backordered from the publisher and we couldn't do anything about it for 3 weeks.  Ugh.  What a mess.

The other thing about this class is that it starts at 8am.  Which means that to get here on time I need to leave my house before 7am.  6:30 if I need to make a stop at the gas station or Whorebucks. (or Coffee Bean.... or Peet's).  And then when I get here, it's a toss up as to whether I'll be able to get set up as I need security to let me in to the classroom and to open up the computer podium for me.  Urg.  Try finding a security guard when you need one.  In the hood.....

Anyway, if you need me 8-12 Tuesday and Thursday or 9-10 Friday, Pacific Time, AM, you know where I'll be.  Broadening young minds.  Heh.  Yeah, that's it.

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Top Ten WHAT?

Oh hell no.

John Hawkins at Right Wing News has a list of what he says are the top 10 South Park Episodes of all time.

He's wrong on all 10 counts.

Here's my top 10 SP eps of all time (in chronological order... #5 is my favorite):

1. Cartman Gets an Anal Probe:  The original.  Started the world of South Park on TV.

2. Chinpokomon: You have "vewwy lahge Amewican Penis" 'Nuff said.

3. Cartman Joins NAMBLA:  I never knew such a thing existed before this.

4. Scot Tenorman Must Die: Revenge is sweet.  Too sweet.
5. Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants:  Matt and Trey's masterpiece.  Summed up the feelings of an entire nation and introduced us to the now world famous "chicken lollipop".  Also my favorite.  EVAH.

6. All About the Mormons?: What a great refrain:  dum dum dum dum dum.....

7. Trapped in the Closet:  Tom Cruise is trapped in the closet!  Plus a send up of the Clams.  Perfect.

8. The Return of Chef:  Isaac Hayes quit over Trapped in the Closet.  In their usual manner, Matt and Trey let the world know what they felt about it....

9. Smug Alert!:  Perfect satire of limousine liberals, their pretensions, their Priuses, and their love of the smell of their own asses.

10. Make Love, Not Warcraft:  What can I say.  We all know these people.

Honorable Mentions: The Return of the King to the Two Towers, Chickenlover, Cripple Fight, and Go God Go (I and II)

You may not agree with all of my picks, but seriously, any list that doesn't include Smug Alert!, Osama, Trapped in the Closet, and/or Scot Tenorman isn't a list to be taken seriously.

h/t Frank J.

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August 30, 2007

My Movies

Both my darling blogchild and the crew at Dean's World have been hashing out a list of movies you can see over and over again.

I have a few of those myself.  In our house they're called "Movies I can fall asleep to".

See I have this thing with movies.  If they get really predictable, or really embarrassing for the main character, I skip it.  Fast Forward, skip, turn off, you name it.  I won't sit through it.  Consequently, there are VERY FEW movies I can sit through more than once without skipping through, let alone enjoy over and over and over. 

The funny thing is, those movies somehow migrate to the bedroom.  I'm a slow-sleep insomniac, and (like everything else with me) contrary to the usual advice of removing distractions from the sleep zone (aka no TV in the bedroom), TV actually distracts my brain enough to let me fall asleep.  Especially things I've seen before.  So we have a rotating stash of movies that live in the DVD player in the bedroom and get pressed into service in conjunction with the 90 minute sleep setting on the TV just about every night.

So, without further ado, movies I can sleep to:

White Christmas
Blazing Saddles
Star Wars
Return of the Jedi
Fellowship of the Ring (either disk 1 or 2; but not Twin Towers.  I always want to skip the "Sam and Frodo" parts too much)
Return of the King (Disk 2 works better... less Sam and Frodo)
Kill Bill vol 1
Kill Bill vol 2
The Blues Brothers
South Park
Team America
A Christmas Story
Fiddler on the Roof
Disney's Robin Hood

I'm certain there are more, but these are the ones currently in the DVD case in the bedroom.

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One week from today!

Run, Fred, Run!

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Random Milestone

Visitor #219,700 was a McGehee.  Given the location and the referring URL, there's only one (ok, well, there's two.)


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August 31, 2007

Thanks Frank J!

My favorite FrankJ cartoon, the Hate-Filled Lefty, is back.  Presumably for the last time!

Fred rulz.

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