August 17, 2007

A real post for a change: Fred Update!

It's an open secret that Fred is probably going to announce his candidacy officially over Labor Day weekend.  Ahead of the announcement, the media blitz from the campaign has begun, including a great article in Thursday's WaPo by David Broder.

The approach Thompson says he's contemplating is one that will step on many sensitive political toes. When he says "we're getting a free ride" fighting a necessary war in Iraq with an undersized military establishment, "wearing out our people and equipment," it sounds like a criticism of the president and the Pentagon.

When he says he would have opposed adding the prescription drug benefit to Medicare, "a $17 trillion add-on to a program that's going bankrupt," he is fighting the bipartisan judgment of the last Congress.

When he says the FBI is perhaps incapable of morphing itself into the smart domestic security agency the country needs, he is attacking another sacred cow.


"Nobody in Congress or on either side in the presidential race wants to deal with it," Thompson said. "So we just rock along and try to maintain the status quo. Republicans say keep the tax cuts; Democrats say keep the entitlements. And we become a less unified country in the process, with a tax code that has become an unholy mess, and all we do is tinker around the edges."

Thompson readily concedes that he does not know "where all those chips are going to fall" when he starts challenging members of various interest groups to look beyond their individual agendas and weigh the sacrifices that could ensure a better future for their children.

But these issues -- national security and the fiscal crisis of an aging society with runaway heath-care costs -- "are worth a portion of a man's life. If I can't get elected talking that way, I probably don't deserve to be elected."

Read the whole thing here.

Posted by caltechgirl at August 17, 2007 12:43 AM | TrackBack

I may actually end up supporting him over my first choice (Dr Paul). He has pretty much come out in support of the Fairtax, although once in play I don't know how he'll react.

Posted by: Richard at August 17, 2007 03:21 AM