July 10, 2008

Summer officially begins tonight

With the premiere of the first of our Summer "Must Watch" TV. It's not just new to me, it's NEW.

Burn Notice premieres 10pm tonight. Not only does this show kick ass, it features Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell. JD rocks. I've been a fan since his turn as Jarod's scary psychopath brother Kyle on my favorite show of all time: The Pretender. Bruce Campbell, what can I say. He's the perfect semi-drunk sidekick. If you haven't seen it, you're missing out

We've already been watching summer TV (Celebrity Family Feud, Shear Genius, etc.), including the first actual show of the summer, In Plain Sight. Which kicks ass, BTW. You should make time for it, 10 pm Sunday, USA Network.

But tonight marks the return of what has come to be known as busy season for the TiVo. The rest of our shows will be back over the next week or so, and we can't wait. Over the next week we get back Psych, Project Runway, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and the Closer as well.

Summer Must-See on our TiVo:

Deadliest Catch
After the Catch
Mind of Mencia
Dog the Bounty Hunter
In Plain Sight
Burn Notice
The Closer
The First 48
Celebrity Circus
Celebrity Family Feud
Project Runway
Shear Genius

Funny how most of our shows are on USA, Bravo, A&E, and Discovery. Hmmmm.

Posted by caltechgirl at July 10, 2008 06:29 PM | TrackBack

don't forget Monk comes back this week, as does Runway (are you reading Project Rungay? You must!).

I'm sad. Two more Deadliest Catch eps to go. Waaah!

Posted by: Da Goddess at July 14, 2008 08:40 AM