February 16, 2009

Serial Twit

Caltechgirlcaltechgirl it's not about IDEOLOGY, you fucking turd it's about breaking poor people's backs. Gas goes up $0.14/ gallon INSTANTLY

Caltechgirlcaltechgirl Sales tax OVER 10%, and then increases in income tax and car fees. Do you want people to MOVE OUT FASTER?

Caltechgirlcaltechgirl I wish I hated my house and I could afford to sell it. I'd leave CA tomorrow.

Caltechgirlcaltechgirl I can't afford to stay.

Caltechgirlcaltechgirl FTR, the fucking turd in question was some stupid ass liberal state senator who evidently only represents RICH PEOPLE

Caltechgirlcaltechgirl I
think if you find yourself in a hole this deep, the first question you
should be asking is not how do we fill the hole, but rather...

Caltechgirlcaltechgirl ... how did we get here? What are the bad decisions that led us here. And then don't repeat them.

Caltechgirlcaltechgirl Because you can only blame "the economy" so much.

Caltechgirlcaltechgirl I
thought the democrats were the champions of poor people. I guess that's
true only until they need them to bear the brunt of their mistakes.

The above was in response to some opportunist idiot on the TV taking advantage of the camera in his face to make the budget mess all about Democrats vs. Republicans.

That's just ignorant.  What it's about is how much are we going to take and who's listening.  Have you heard the man-on-the street interviews in the media?  NO ONE wants you to solve the problem by choking us to death with taxes.  NO ONE.  Yes, some tax increases are necessary, but how are we spending the money?  Isn't there something that can be done without shoving it, quite literally, on to the backs of your constituents?

I've heard both sides point out that this economy is based on spending.  Great.  Explain to me, then, how people can get the economy going by spending when it costs them more NOT ONLY to buy items, but also TO GET TO THE STORE. And more of their income goes back to the state to begin with.  These people are barely spending, and you're threatening to put a BIGGER hurt on their wallet?

You don't improve this state by taking money from people. You encourage them to give the state more than you would take by giving them incentives to buy.

As much as I hate the sheer size of the "porkulus" package that the President will sign tomorrow, I have to point out that it is based on INCENTIVES.  And maybe that's why people were willing to pass it.  Because the help is obvious.  It's money going to people.  Not coming out of their pockets.  At least not today.

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Because the help is obvious.

Actually, I would beg to differ.Money going to people has to come from somewhere. Since the government produces nothing, that money comes from other people. This is unlikely, on the whole, to be of any help, as we're rapidly approaching the point where

1) There aren't enough people to soak anymore
2) China grows uneasy enough with our nation's debt that they stop lending, or start calling some of their markers due.

Economic downturns occur. I would posit that whatever DC does is likely to lengthen and exacerbate the recovery. I base that opinion on empirical evidence from the past.

Is there spending in the bill that I support? Sure. Roads, bridges and other infrastructure ( I work in power generation) in this country are antiquated and should be updated or replaced. Unfortunately, these needs existed before, but they aren't really vote buyers, which is why things like the Minnesota bridge collapse happen.

Posted by: physics geek at February 17, 2009 09:28 AM

I thought the democrats were the champions of poor people.

They are. That's why they have created so many of them by taking as many jobs, homes, and as much money as they away from the middle class and the rich. The more poor, the more power they gain. And that is what they're after, isn't it?

Posted by: DCE at February 17, 2009 07:26 PM

Problem is not that there is not enough money..there is just too much spending by governments...governments at all levels. And since governments NEVER produce anything it is always someone else's money that governments spend.

The only way to beat them is to quit producing anymore than it takes to live. When there is no one left to loot they will have to feed off each other and maybe that will be the end of them

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I downtown with you wanting to get the fuck out of CA. Too bad Big Sur is on the Left coast instead of the Right.

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