January 16, 2009

My new blog crush

Maybe it's because I live in La-La-Land, but I am seriously digging Andrew Breitbart's new Big Hollywood blog.

So far it's a great mix of politics and the personal, the "biz", movie reviews, news, and especially Hollywood's new closet: conservatism.

I can even forgive that they hired la Schlussel.  But seeing as how she sucks, maybe they'll drop her, too.

If you haven't dropped by yet, I suggest you start with Charles Winecoff's piece "The Awakening of a Dumb (Gay) American" or Gary Graham's "One Pissed Off Dude."

Take an hour and read through.  You won't be disappointed.

Posted by caltechgirl at January 16, 2009 01:12 PM | TrackBack

Didn't the MSM make him stand in the corner for not treating Gov. Palin with contempt?

Posted by: Cappy at January 17, 2009 09:48 AM

From the second article you linked:

"Lastly…can we finally be done with all the hatred? George Bush is very soon to be out of a job. Time to let up on him a bit, don’t you think?"




Posted by: ricki at January 17, 2009 08:34 PM

I love that site. Makes me feel like there's finally a little balance in the world.

Posted by: Da Goddess at January 18, 2009 01:12 AM

...... an hour?....... blog readers do NOT spend that amount of time, do they?.......

Posted by: Eric at January 18, 2009 07:28 PM