October 16, 2008

An unsolicited endorsement

I love newegg.  They helped me replace my laptop in May, and courtesy of a great deal in today's newsletter, they made another sale in our house, DH's new laptop.

About 18  months ago his Dell laptop ceased being a laptop when the monitor crapped out.  He's been tethered to a monitor ever since, forcing him to sit in the hottest/coldest (depending on the season) spot in the house to get work done

Ever since then, I have been trying to save $$ to replace it.  He would have had it in May, except, well, MY laptop was absconded with....

The customer service folks at newegg really helped me keep my cool with that deal, because my credit card kept trying to reject the purchase, delaying the shipping of my beloved new toy.  But they kept plugging away at it, helping me overcome each of the barriers that the credit card company put up, and getting my laptop here in a reasonable time, rushing the pack/ship so I would get my laptop sooner.  It doesn't hurt that they're just down the 605 in Whittier, so I could almost go pick it up faster, and UPS gets here a day sooner than predicted (usually).

In any case, the good folks at newegg have been excellent and I'm happy to recommend them if you're in the computers and accessories market.

Posted by caltechgirl at October 16, 2008 10:52 AM | TrackBack

I'll second that.

When my previous laptop of many years gave up the ghost last spring, I never even considered going anywhere other than NewEgg for a replacement. I ordered a new Lenovo ThinkPad T61 from NewEgg, and a new laser printer too while I was at it. NewEgg rocks!

Posted by: Paul Burgess at October 17, 2008 05:30 AM

Oh yea - I've been using newegg for a while, they are great!

Posted by: Carmen at October 17, 2008 11:13 AM

Been a huge fan of Newegg for a long time. Don't get my Macs from them but just about everything else geekalicious for my home and for the department I run comes from there. Always get great service.

Posted by: rsm at October 19, 2008 10:00 AM