February 15, 2011


Things, as you can imagine, are a little crazy around here.  We're trying to get ready to move, finding my husband a job, getting pre-qualified for another mortgage (please God, make this work!), and trying to keep up.

Something's gotta give.  And right now, that's the keeping up.  My house is a disaster area, I haven't worked out in 3 weeks, and all I seem to eat lately is junk food.  Oh, and I missd rehearsal last night.  On purpose.  Because I am not superwoman, you know?

My realtor emails me yesterday, just to check in, and complements me on how organized we seem.

As If.

I wish I felt as organized as I must look.  I think I need a week off.  I need to just sit on my ass until I'm bored enough to get up and do any of the 500 things on my list.  Including fixing up the house so someone else can live in it starting in July....  BTW, if any of you know someone looking for a 2BR house with a yard (pets ok!) starting in July, in Pasadena, let me know.


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