June 04, 2006

Oh, and for those of you that asked...

Here's what the haircut did.
From this:

To this:

More than 12 inches off.  I donated it.

Posted by caltechgirl at June 4, 2006 01:20 PM | TrackBack


That's a lot of hair!

I love the color and I have no doubt the cut looks greats on you!

; )

Posted by: Chrissy at June 4, 2006 03:01 PM

Wow that was a LOT of hair!!! Great thing to do!

Posted by: Lisa W at June 4, 2006 03:57 PM

I'm glad you donated it. I donated mine when I chopped it off two years ago. It was traumatic for hubby. It's finally a length he can be happy with again, in that it's almost to the middle of my back again. I imagine when it gets long enough, I'll chop it off and donate it again. He doesn't understand. But my high school best friend had alapecia (sp?), which is that condition that prevents her from being able to grow hair. Nice for the not shaving legs thing, but bald with no eyebrows made school very hard on her.

Posted by: wRitErsbLock at June 4, 2006 04:21 PM

Wow! Very cool! I bet it's a lot easier to care for now.

Posted by: Marie at June 4, 2006 05:06 PM

I'm assuming it's donated to a cancer-related charity...way cool!

Posted by: Mrs_Who at June 4, 2006 08:50 PM

You are so awesome!! So, how do you like the shorter do?

Posted by: Dana at June 5, 2006 06:52 AM

I heart Locks for Love.


Posted by: Helen at June 5, 2006 08:37 AM

Wonderful thing you've done, there. And I'll bet it's much cooler, too. ;)

Posted by: Margi at June 5, 2006 10:00 AM

What beautiful hair you donated! Very cool. Very very cool.

Posted by: Bou at June 5, 2006 12:50 PM


just wow.

(Your hair was about 3-4 inches longer than mine is currently.)

Posted by: rave at June 5, 2006 01:47 PM

I'm still trying to convince myself to get my hair cut. It drives me nuts, but it's a big step to get it chopped! Looks great by the way.

Posted by: amanda at June 5, 2006 05:47 PM

Wow. That is just wonderful.

Posted by: vw bug at June 6, 2006 03:59 AM

I have been contemplating doing the same thing. Locks of love is such a great organization and if I'm going to cut it all off, it might as well be for a good cause...

Posted by: Richmond at June 9, 2006 09:54 AM