June 05, 2006

We're back!

Did you miss us?  MuNuvia was the target of at least 3 different DDOS attacks this weekend, but Pixy seems to have everything under control again for the moment, so we return you to your regularly scheduled programming, already in progress...

Posted by caltechgirl at June 5, 2006 04:43 AM | TrackBack

Yes, I did! It was driving me nuts!

Posted by: Marie at June 5, 2006 04:52 AM

I'm still MIA, though!


; )

Posted by: Chrissy at June 5, 2006 05:53 AM

i sensed a disturbance in the force

Posted by: wRitErsbLock at June 5, 2006 07:03 AM

Yikes. I knew about one... but three???

Posted by: vw bug at June 6, 2006 04:07 AM