February 08, 2006

Fatwas accepted here

We, the undersigned, agree that:

Liberty to express and discuss any issue including religion is a basic principle of a free society and human dignity.

Accepting free speech is an essential quality of free people.

Fear of free speech is the mark of one whose beliefs are weak or based on force.

...Because we so despise those who would use violence to silence others, and because we laugh at the thought that their voices speak for any power beyond their own weakness and fear of open talk, we hereby:

Request, invite, and laugh at the issue of a FATWA, CURSE, SPELL, or any other fancied ignominy that any enemy of human liberty may choose to place upon us.

Wanna join the party?  Go here and leave your name and URL in the comments.

h/t the original Fatwa-worthy one, and while you're there, read this too.

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