February 09, 2006

I am officially un-watching Project Runway

Those f***ing scumbags voted out Nick over f***ing SANTINO when at least his outfit was finished.

Grrrrr.  Hate.  Santino.  HATE.  SANTINO.

Sorry, Nicky, babe.  You were awesome, you have great skills, and you're a good person.  If I was rich and thin I'd call you for a dress tomorrow.

Oh well, looking forward to tomorrow, when the pictures from fashion week should be able to tell me who the final three are from Daniel V, Chloe, Santino, and Kara, who so doesn't deserve to be there either.

My final 3 would be Nick, Chloe, and Andrae.  Or maybe instead of Andrae, Daniel Franco, who is a brilliant tailor and got hosed by the lingerie challenge, IMHO.

That's ok.  Survivor tonight.  Go old dudes!!!!!!

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