September 28, 2007

Munchies that give you the munchies

Magic Brownies are for amateurs. Check out these scooby-doobie snacks:

Federal agents said Thursday that they shut down a factory that made marijuana-laced barbecue sauce, chocolate-covered pretzels and other "enhanced" snacks intended for medical users of the drug.

The Drug Enforcement Agency said it arrested three people Wednesday and is looking for a fourth who operated Oakland-based Tainted Inc.

Agents also seized 460 marijuana plants and other laced products including candy bars, cookies, marshmallow pies, ice cream, peanut butter, jelly, energy drinks and "Rice Krispy treats."

Tainted Inc. was launched by Michael Martin, 33, of El Sobrante as a small operation that made laced chocolate truffles. When it was raided Wednesday, the company was shipping products to medical marijuana dispensaries throughout California and in Seattle; Vancouver, British Columbia; and Amsterdam. [--emphasis mine, Ed.]

What a great way to get people to keep buying your products!

Posted by caltechgirl at September 28, 2007 08:22 AM | TrackBack

survival of the fittest:)

Posted by: Greta at September 28, 2007 09:27 AM


Ice cream! Yummmm!

Posted by: Beth at September 28, 2007 09:27 AM

Wait, I think if I had that I'd NEVER stop eating!

Posted by: Beth at September 28, 2007 09:28 AM

Wait a minute.

Tainted, Inc. ? Tainted, Inc? Why would anyone think it a good idea to name your food business Tainted? Aside from truth in advertising laws.

One one hand it invites scrutiny from the media and the government. On the other hand, it would seem likely to drive away potential customers.

Oh well. Forget logic.... have a brownie, and it will all make sense!

Posted by: Bill at September 28, 2007 10:24 AM

the munchies and the solution for the munchies, all in one bite

Posted by: jane at September 28, 2007 01:16 PM

Marijuana laced barbecue sauce and Moon Pies!? They'd be a hit in the South! :)

Happy BlogCrawl 2007!

Posted by: Bitterroot at September 29, 2007 06:54 PM