August 22, 2006

Twosday Fun

Today's story is inspired by my favorite book, and my husband's:

The candle guttered.  A sharp wind blew through the tower, waking the abbe.  The once orderly pile of scrolls was now scattered on the floor.  Getting up quickly, l'abbe shut the window before the beating rain could erase the answers he was searching for.  Grumbling to himself, he gathered the scrolls back to his table and settled down in the chair again.

The answer was so close.  He knew it had to be written in these scrolls.  But the ancient runes were written in a cryptic hand and the going was slow.  To complicate matters, the abbe wasn't sure whether he really wanted to know the answers hidden in the ancient parchments at all.  But he resumed his task.  Sometime later he found a blank parchment.  Something told him this was the key.  But what was it?  And what did it mean?

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The weight of the world was on the abbe. All he "had to do" was figure out what the ancient symbols meant. He also remembered the mysterious dream that was relayed to him by the governor's son, and along with those symbols he was totally baffled. He knew every nook and cranny of the tower that housed the documents, and he still couldn't find the right one.

Just as he was about to give up for the night, the abbe's assistant broke into the room. "Help, help! there is a disturbance at the outer guard house." Who could it be, is all that he could think...and with the all of the searching he had been doing, he was totally blitzed. As he turned that last corner, all he could see was...

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his father, the one who taught him everything he knew. The abbe rubbed his eyes with exhaustion and bewilderment. How could this be, his father travelled from such a distance and for what, he asked himself.

"I figured it out" his father shouted, we have the answer. I had to come and share it with you. But here is the catch...

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The abbe adjusted his gaze upon his father, yet, it wasn't his father. This man was a shroud of the man he once knew. "Once you have the answer, it will consume you. I have only a short time left, but what is contained in those scrolls is of the utmost importance. The fate of humanity lies in those scrolls."

The abbe gathered the old man in his arms, waived off the guards and retreated to warmer confines. Helping his father up the stairs to the tower, a wave of apprehension hit him.

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Fear gripped the abbe and lay upon him like a blanket. The cold night air swirled on the stairs at their feet and the rain seemed to penetrate the very walls of the sanctuary, to penetrate his skin, his mind. The abbe tightened his grip on the old man and felt his father's bones beneath the wet wool. "Dear God," the abbe prayed silently, "please dont let be...." And then he knew, and knew well, what the old man would say.

He had known the terrible answer with every pen stroke. He had drowned himself in monochromatic lines of ink on parchment, blind to the brightly burning visions of destruction dancing on the walls.

"Oh dear God," he prayed aloud beseeching like a child in the presence of a demon. His father turned and smiled.

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The abbe watched in awesome fear as his father's head slowly morphed into the head of a deep, dark, green snake. "Yessssssssssssss", his father said with a forked tongue that grew longer and longer as his father's body was transformed into something. Something with sparkling scales. Something with diamond eyes. Something with massive wings.

"Yessssssssssss", said the abbe's father. "I am one with the Dragon King.

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