April 13, 2006

Would you rather....?

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*Barefoot or Shoes? BAREFOOT.  And I wear Birkies when I can get away with it.  MUST be able to take my shoes off under my desk or a table

*Tea- Sweet or Unsweetened? SWEET!  I was always a no-sweetner girl until I moved to NC where you pretty much can't get it without sugar.  The sweeter the better, I say.

*Clothes- fitted or loose? Loose.  PJs and no bra if I can get away with it.

*Fish- fresh water or salt water? Not the biggest fish fan, but that which I will eat is all salt-water: Tuna steaks, Salmon, Scallops, Clam Chowder...

*Gravy or plain? Pass the gravy.  I usually get it on the side because I like the taste of my food and I can dip in or add it as I please.  For mashed taters, I usually go without and add cheese and sour cream instead

*House- spotless or lived in? Lived in.  I only lose things when I tidy up.

*Solitude or people? I would have to say people. But there are definitely moments when I need to be alone

*Beer or alcohol? I can't drink except on rare occasions thanks to my wonderful medication, but when I do it's almost ALWAYS a floofy girly drink.  With an umbrella or a fruit garnish.  So yeah, alcohol.

*Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction.  I love mysteries and interesting characters

*Weather- hot or cold?  Cold.  Definitely cold.  I love it when it rains or snows.  I love walking in the snow.  I love sleeping under a pile of blankets with the window open for some fresh air.

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