March 14, 2006

Keeping an eye on the Cheese(heads)

The esteemed gentleman from Texas is tracking Cheeshead Feingold's progress in his bid to censure the President:

Results of Feingold Censure Resolution (S.Res. 398): Day 2

Democrat co-sponsors of Feingold Resolution: 0

al Qaeda communications intercepted by Feingold Resolution:0

Terror attacks prevented by Feingold Resolution: 0

h/t(s): Powerline and Gay Patriot

Posted by caltechgirl at March 14, 2006 03:51 PM | TrackBack

Trillions added to the deficit by Feingold: 0
Number of illegal wiretaps completed by Feingold: 0
Individuals tortured as a result of Feingold: 0
Number of wars started under false pretenses by Feingold: 0

You're right, Feingold just doesn't compare to Bush.

Posted by: Super G at March 14, 2006 06:25 PM

HEY! I resent being associated with this. I am a proud cheesehead!

Posted by: Contagion at March 15, 2006 04:43 PM