September 01, 2005

A letter from beyond

IMAO of all places posts a letter "from" Casey Sheehan to his mom.

This hits the nail on the head:

"...But here's the thing,[Mom,] I chose to go to Iraq. I re-enlisted in 2004, when all the arguments against the war there are now were already out there. I also volunteered for that mission in which I got killed. I was a grown man, and I made my choices. Maybe they were stupid choices and I got duped into this whole thing - I certainly didn't mean to die - but they were my decisions and I thought what I was doing was right.
You know how back when I was a kid you used to spit on napkin and wipe my face in front of my friends and I'd get all embarrassed? Well, this whole "Camp Casey" thing is like that times a million. I know you don't mean it that way, but you make it sound like I was some dumb kid led by the pied piper to Iraq. I knew exactly what I was doing, though, and I wasn’t a kid. Now, through your camp, my name is associated with all this people I wouldn't want anything to do with - people I don't think are your real friends either. Then the media has all these statements from you and everyone is trying to make it sound like you're some nut when I know you’re just trying your best to do right by me."

Well said, even for a ghost.

Posted by caltechgirl at September 1, 2005 09:20 AM | TrackBack

you got it right, he joined, support our Soldiers over seas, they need it

Posted by: ken ( A Soldier) at September 1, 2005 11:08 AM

Thanks, Ken. Thank you for your service.

Posted by: caltechgirl at September 1, 2005 11:22 AM