October 30, 2007

A latte a day...

It won't keep the Doctor away, but skipping that latte might help someone in need!

Doesn't seem like much, right?  But even the $4 you save in skipping your caffeine fix today can go a long way towards helping a wounded soldier.

Project Valour-IT provides laptops loaded with voice-activated software to service members who have lost the use of their hands and/or fingers in the service of our country.

They stood up for you, and now it's so easy to chip in to help them.  Read more about how Valour-IT works here and here.

We're well on our way to making this the best year yet.  The Army team has already raised over 10% of our $60,000 goal!  Won't you help us get there first?

look out for an oldy but a goody in tomorrow's Valour-IT post.....

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