October 03, 2007

In which I do my Mike Teevee impression

As the new fall season of TeeVee unfolds, I find myself drawn back to network shows a bit more than in the past.  Cable shows will always own (and then break) my heart (DAMN YOU SCI-FI CHANNEL!!!), but this year's network offerings look to be a better group than most.

Of these new shows two were IMMEDIATE hits in our house: K-Ville and Chuck.  Each is already queued for a season pass on the TiVo.  Finally there's something good to watch on Monday other than Football and DWS.  Although I admit this week we watched ALL of the Padres/ Rockies play-in game, instead.  Good thing we have a dual tuner Tivo and 2 tv's.....  Hubby has also recently gotten into Shark, and has a season pass for that as well.

Cavemen was better than expected.  It plays more as a buddy comedy with gimmicky jokes than a gimmick comedy with buddy jokes.  We'll see how quickly the jokes get tired....

We're still on the fence about Cane.  The first episode was good, but the previews make it look like every episode will be: Alex loves his family, but they don't all love him; Alex faces a challenge; Alex bulldozes his way through; Alex must face repercussions of previous bulldozer incidents.  In which case, YAWN!

Tonight we get the new season of South Park, and the first episode of Pushing Daisies. I'm interested to see what the show will really look like.  Visually, the previews are like a mixture of Pleasantville and Big Fish, so I am interested to see how much of that carries through the whole episode.  If the show is good, so much the better.

Strangely enough, I'm very sad the summer TV season is over. As much as I love House and Betty and DWS, the summer shows were so much more interesting and so much more watchable than regular October to May network TV.  Psych, Dresden, The Closer, Burn Notice, and Painkiller Jane were weekly appointments for us, and some of the best TV I've seen in years, even if the folks at SciFi got cancel happy on us (see note above re: Sci Fi).  Oh well, if nothing else it's good they're all on in the summer: the TiVo would be SWAMPED otherwise, and it would take me MONTHS to catch up!

Survivor got its season pass yanked: predictable, stupid, filthy.  When TAR comes back, then I'll watch reality TV on CBS.  There's a REASON that TAR has won every "best reality show" Emmy since its inception.

Not surprisingly we've watched very few of the "returning" shows on the TiVo so far.  I am, of course, keeping up with DWS, usually on the same evening it airs.  And CSI we watched almost live.  I was terribly disappointed that they seem to have gone back to the "less-plot-more-artistic-long-camera-shots" method and are now adding indie rock for crap ass montages.  Look, we wanted to see them get Sara out from under the car.  We wanted some kind of master plan from the arch criminal.  We got neither, just a drunk pirate wandering in the desert with NO COMMON SENSE about how to be found.  And she was carrying a mirror!  Does she not know to flash with it?  I mean, she COULD NOT have walked so far from the crash that she didn't hear that helicopter Greg was flying around in.  You get up on high ground, and flash with the mirror, dumbass.  You don't collapse 3 feet from the roadside because you wandered instead of conserving your energy and trying to stay cool during the day!  Wander at night.  Moron.  CSI Vegas is getting to be as dumb as CSI Horatio.

Yes you read that right.

Ok, well, the cold medicine and returned-camera high are wearing off, so it's nappy nap time for me.  See you later.

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What is TAR?

I thought Cavemen absolutely sucked and will not waste time watching it next week. Not sure what will happen on Tuesdays since we've been watching Dead Like Me followed by back-to-back episodes of Eureka. Eureka ended last night.

Let's see, I'm interested in Heroes and Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations on Mondays. Depending on when I get home from school determines whether I get to watch Heroes Monday or wait for the weekend.

Tuesday - not sure now

Wednesday - again, depends on when I get home from school. I really enjoyed the Bionic Woman premier last week, so I'll watch that again.

Thursday - the Office (it's a no tv night because we have the kid, so it's recorded)

Friday - I've been sucked into Meerkat Manor!

Saturday - bookstore night.

Sunday - Can you believe I don't know what we watch? Must be a DVR night.

I just don't have time to watch much tv right now because of school. Just trying to watch a few per week to keep the DVR from filling up.

Posted by: wRitErsbLock at October 3, 2007 01:32 PM

Heh. I thought that I was the only one who watche Psych. Besides my wife, of course.

Couldn't quite get into PKJ on SciFi this summer, but I'll probably catch up when repeats hit the air.

Posted by: physics geek at October 4, 2007 01:13 PM