September 23, 2007

A mime is a teriible thing to waste..

So let's take a minute to mourn the passing of the greatest mime ever, Marcel Marceau.

Marcel Marceau, the world's best-known mime artist who for decades moved audiences across the globe without uttering a single word, has died aged 84.

The Frenchman's extensive tours and appearances on camera brought his silent art to people around the world. His comic and tragic sketches appealed on a universal level, with each audience interpreting his performance in its own way.

"Mime, like music, knows neither borders nor nationalities," he once said. "If laughter and tears are the characteristics of humanity, all cultures are steeped in our discipline."

But Marceau was much more than a mime, he was a member of the French Resistance in WWII and later served in the French Army with the German Occupying Force after the war. The cause of his death is unknown at this time. Rest in Peace.

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Tim Blair had the best post about Marceau. "A moment of silence"

Posted by: Ken S, Fifth String on the Banjo of Life at September 24, 2007 06:49 AM

"without uttering a single word"

Except in Silent Movie. It was so appropriate that he have the only word.

Yes, he was wonderful and the world is a poorer place without him.

Rest in Peace Sir.

Posted by: Teresa at September 24, 2007 08:36 AM