February 15, 2007


One of the things I find most useful in recovery from ANY illness is laughter. Especially the drop your teeth, wipe off the keyboard , run for the bathroom kind of laughter you find all over the net.

Today, I bring you three examples of such. And if you don't think it's that funny, you must excuse my sense of humor. It's high on cold medicine.

First up, political humor from Goldstein (too good to NOT steal)
"Q: Why did the Neocon cross the road?"

a. To push over an old woman and take away her healthcare subsidies
b. To beat those Dixie Chicks traitors with a tire iron
c. Because, though he was really hungry for the blood of an innocent brown person, he decided to settle for some McNuggets and a medium Diet Coke
e. To burn down a Planned Parenthood, deny battered women a voice, and further the aims of the Christofascist Patriarchy
f. all of the above
g. none of the above
h. don't even look at me, you same-sex married homosexual gay fag
And from my dear friend Vanessa, some IVF TMI.

Finally, photoshop phun from Darleen.  Or should that be phrom Darleen?

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