November 21, 2006

I am thankful for...

1.  Best Buy.  They put the laptop I wanted on sale enough that A. I could afford it now and B. the sale also paid for the "Oh Shit" warranty.  You know, the one that includes dog teeth and sand.

2.  The dudes at Mozilla.  I have over 200 blogs in Sage and dozens of buttons and book marks, not to mention about a dozen extensions and not a few passwords (like for the blog and some news sites, not the bank or anything).  Literally one click and a few keystrokes and VOILA! I was able to get everything going on the new laptop!  SWEET!  The last time I tried to do that (with my work computer) it took me HOURS.  Even with a cheat sheet....  I shoulda known there was a shortcut.  Just go to firefox help and search for profile.  Then click on the bit about restoring or moving your profile.

I've been wanting a new laptop for a while, as my trusty old Fujitsu gave up the ghost about 3 months ago (after SIX years!!!), and DH and I have been sharing his laptop ever since.  Well, he got grumpy with me eating his laptop time and I wasn't a fan of how much space his games took up, so we decided a compromise was in order.  I would get a new laptop for me since the last new one was his.

Also, the Dell Inspiron we have weighs 9 lbs and about 11 if you include the power cord, so it's not much of a traveler.  And my RA makes it hard for me to carry it around, so I went for a small, light laptop.  More pricey, I know, but it's a MUST for me.

Aside from cleaning the house for Thursday, I've spent the majority of tonight getting this baby street legal: transferring files, downloading programs, and installing them.

Not to mention re-learning a smaller keyboard.....

Posted by caltechgirl at November 21, 2006 12:22 AM | TrackBack

i love new toys!

Posted by: wRitErsbLock at November 21, 2006 05:36 AM

Ah, the joys of a new laptop! Looks like you got a very nice one there.

At present mine is an old IBM ThinkPad T20, which I bought used three years ago. With the purchase of a new battery, etc., it has continued to hum along serviceably. Running under Linux. 700 MHz, 384 megs of RAM, 11 gig hard drive...

In short, a bit of a dinosaur compared to yours. :-)

Posted by: Paul Burgess at November 21, 2006 06:16 AM

Best Buy and I have not been on good terms for years. It's one of the few stores I refuse to visit. Instead, when I need something computer-related I go to CompUSA. I could spend hours there, drooling over their inventory. I am such a geek.

Posted by: Thomas Warlock at November 21, 2006 08:03 AM

Yay - new toys! I LOVE new toys especially when they are shiny new computer toys. *grin*

I have a Vaio laptop I use when traveling it's about 1.5 years old - I don't use it much any other time because I love my big screen... and the I hate squinting at my laptop screen. *grin* But yes, it's much lighter for travel.

I've had some issues with the wifi connect at various places (never at home!) So, be aware, you may run into problems in airports or hotels. Or maybe I just have a sucky antenna on mine.

What I plan on doing is using my treo as a modem to get my internet connections on the road. I have to set that up this weekend because I will be traveling to Chicago soon for work and I want it working before I go.

Anyhow, have fun with your new computer... woohoo!

Posted by: Teresa at November 21, 2006 08:14 AM

I'm not a huge fan of BB either, but you can't beat their PSP's (the service plans) I have used them for my digital camera and my cell phones and I've never once had them balk at doing service or outright replacing the item in question.

Since I know that this laptop is going to get a lot of travel, it's best to get it covered now. Especially as we paid more for the Dell's recent motherboard meltdown than we did for 3 years of complete coverage for the new laptop.

Posted by: caltechgirl at November 21, 2006 09:04 AM