May 16, 2006

Of Note:

First, there's a new Milblog in town. New Blog, Old Bloggers! Check out Milblogs a group blog featuring the contributions of some of the most amazing people you'd ever wish to know.

Second, for those of you who are interested, Polipundit suffered a major malfunction yesterday and autocratically cut off the group blog...
Lorie Byrd says:

"The fact is that I believe this is the last time I will be blogging at Polipundit.

I received a lengthy email from Polipundit tonight alerting us to an editorial policy change that included the following: "From now on, every blogger at will either agree with me completely on the immigration issue, or not blog at" I would provide additional context, but Polipundit has asked that the contents of our emails not be disclosed publicly and I think that is a fair request. There has been plenty written in the posts over the past week alone to let readers figure out what happened. Polipundit ended a later email with this: "It's over. The group-blogging experiment was nice while it lasted, but we have different priorities now. It's time to go our own separate ways."...

It would have been nice to have been able to tell friends and family before publicly saying goodbye, but things just didn't work out that way."

Weird. Especially for people like me who haven't read PoliPundit in quite a while.

Beth of MVRWC has some choice words for PP, and The Anchoress has some very thoughtful words on blogging, dissent, and immigration. There are many more TB's at Lorie's site too, for other people's takes on the issue.

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