April 19, 2006

It seems like it can't have been that long ago

13 years ago today I was curled in a ball in my Mom's recliner, cuddled under a blanket and drinking hot tea. I was at home sick, and watching CNN. The ATF had held the Branch Davidian Complex under siege for 51 days before raiding their compound, killing 76 people, including the Davidian's leader, David Koresh.

I remember the whole screen erupting in flames as the buildings caught on fire, and wondering why in hell someone would ever think of doing that....or did the ATF do it? Turns out they set themselves on fire. Silly, really.

Two years later, I was home again. Maybe it was Spring Break. I don't recall. But I was watching again as the helicopters swirled around the Murrah building in Oklahoma City and firefighters rushed to save whoever they could. I remember thinking it was the "Arabs" because of the recent attack (first attack) on the World Trade Center. When we found out it was two white guys with an axe to grind we were flabbergasted, but in a way, not really surprised. Especially after the link to the Branch Davidians came out.

Fast forward 4 years and one day. College now, in fact it was my senior year and I was deep in the throes of choosing a grad school and planning a wedding. DH and I were in our bedroom in our apartment (with the only working TV). I was watching the news and he was writing a paper. Breaking News! Shootout in a Colorado HS! At least 12 people dead, including the stupid bastards who did the shooting. In later days, as we learned more about the lives of the two shooters, we were sobered by the fact that this could have been us. Some of you will recall our own "trenchcoat mafia" and the rumors of their weapons and intentions....

My own prayer is that we get through today and tomorrow without yet another somber anniversary.

Many touching remembrances of the OKC bombing across the web today, particularly this one, this one, and this one

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