January 12, 2006

Not to be redundant

But Teddy Kennedy is a hypocritical pig bastard.

The man and his self-serving egotistical posturing has made me physically sick. Who the fuck told him that he has the right to set him self up as the Grand Poobah High Inquisitor of Ethics?

Was it Mary Jo Kopechne?

The little fucking toad acts as if he doesn't fart. Which we all know leads to Spontaneous Human Combustion. Can I watch?

I don't recall ANYONE accusing Judge Alito of drowning a woman, or drunk driving (multiple times), or lying about anything. You Senator, on the other hand, have not only been accused of all of the above, but HAVE ADMITTED IT.

Lemme ask you... What's worse: Getting drunk and driving your car off a bridge and leaving a poor defenseless young lady to drown or recusing yourself after the fact from a case involving your mutual funds? What's worse: Lying to the cops during a drunk driving arrest or joining a group that at the time was merely protesting the removal of ROTC at Princeton?

Furthermore, if this wasn't enough evidence that Teddy needs better advice, his ill-informed tirade yesterday on the Rusher documents from CAP proved that a fat drunk bully is always a fat drunk bully, no matter how you dress him up. I about crapped myself when Spector shut him up and then when they came back from recess and Spector announced the documents were freely available without need of a subpoena, and if TK had gone about it properly, he could have had the documents himself already.... and then the killer "No recollection of Mr. Alito, and his name does not appear" HAH.

Even trying to portray Alito as a racist and a bigot failed when he made Mrs. Alito cry.

I am so glad these unbelievably long hearings are almost over. [/rant]

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Well, speaking as a Joe Lieberman-loving Democrat, I haven't taken Teddy boy seriously since, ...umm forever. His position is like someone in the UK's House of Lords: he's in the Senate because Mass. wants to continue the Kennedy legacy and because of percieved accomplishments from decades ago.

Increasingly, I find myself listening to a narrower and narrower band of public figures. People like TK, Tom DeLay, Howard Dean, and Pat Robertson get at best a weak chuckle from me when they open their big fat mouths.

Maybe 2006 and 2008 will see the return of the calm, sensible grownups to power. It doesn't hurt to hope.

Posted by: Ben at January 12, 2006 02:31 PM