January 03, 2006

On a related note....

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary to my Blogparents, Jay and Deb of Accidental Verbosity!!
Jay says,

"Two years have seemed like no time and a lifetime.  It's easy to imagine looking back from thirty years out and saying "has it really been that long? And was what came before really as long or longer?""
I'm saying the same thing about 6 and a half years.  After spending the last two nights in the company of our newlywed friends (married in June, July, and July, respectively), last night DH and I discussed the fact that even disregarding much of the time he was away in the army, we've now been married longer than we were dating and engaged.  It has seemed, in Jay's words, both a lifetime and no time.

Somehow I think that's exactly why it's right, and exactly how it works.

Congratulations you two crazy kids, on finding your soulmate and being smart enough to snap them up, no matter how insane and improbable the circumstances were!

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