December 19, 2005

Listen up, kid

If you're searching for this:
"how does 8th grader 1,530 SAT score compare with other 8th graders in 2005"

Ummm, it blows them away. And the 11th and 12th graders too.

you're pretty f*cking smart, ok? Now go play outside and quit being such a frigging nerd. Get some real life friends, ok?

I've been there. It ain't pretty.

Posted by caltechgirl at December 19, 2005 01:16 PM | TrackBack

Unless that score's from the new SAT, right? Then this kid needs to get studying.

Posted by: Cardinal Martini at December 19, 2005 08:44 PM

Yeah given the new top score is 2400...

They had an interesting article in the Economist a while back talking about how the new SAT is far more biased to those socially well off than the old one, because it eliminated many of the question types that tened to even the playing field between the groups. And now the new SAT is far to long of a test. Having administered and proctored the SATs for close 6 years, I far and above prefer the old test.

Posted by: the Pirate at December 19, 2005 10:04 PM

I don't know how I did on the SATs, as I've never taken them. In Illinois you hae to take the ACTs to get into the state schools and that was what I took.

Posted by: Contagion at December 20, 2005 05:34 AM

Don't beat the child up!

Hey kid! Nerds are cool, don't listen to the mean lady. 8^)

Posted by: Paladin at December 20, 2005 02:19 PM