November 10, 2005

we interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging..... bring you this Project Valour-IT update.

Army wins!

Although Navy is ahead right now, Team Army was the first to go over the $21,000 mark (our goal!), some time last night!

Also, Carren Z was on MSNBC yesterday, discussing the project and she did an AWESOME job. If you missed it, click here to go to the page. If you click on the Project Valour link underneath the picture of the Ziegenfuss family with President Bush, you can see the video. However, you can only see it in IE (damn Microsoft) so if you're running Firefox, get the IE viewer extension first, then right click the link to view in IE.

Finally, since the competition is almost over, and today is the Marines' big day, why don't you throw them some lovin'. To donate to Team Marines, go here.

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