August 22, 2005

That would explain it....

Demonic Possession Detected!
You are possessed by Nickar

In Teutonic mythology, Nicor are malignant water monsters who drown people. They are related to the Nixie, which are kind, loving male water spirits like the Stromkarls and the Necks. The female water spirits are called Undine. These lesser water divinities will sometimes leave the water to attend village dances. They have fish tails and often sit by the water combing each other's long green or blonde hair, playing the harp, or singing.

While you may be suffering some of the symptoms of Hormone Induced Migraine, only demonic possession can explain the whole package.

Admittedly, our system is less than 100% accurate so if you want to learn more about hormonal imbalance, check out Hera Clinic for Women. To learn more about demonic possession, check out Delirium's Realm.

Demonic Possession or Hormone Imbalance?

It's not PMS or wacky hormones. It's full on demon posession!
(h/t Michele and her demon possessor, Leonard)

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