August 18, 2005

Feeling somewhat accomplished again

1. I can get my rent paid for September and October despite being jobless.

2. I FINALLY got an email back from someone I submitted an application to. YES! Of course, they just wanted my CV for their files, but at least it was a response!

3. I applied for an administrative job at my alma mater and I'm really proud of the cover letter I wrote, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one will come through even if the others don't.

4. I have 3 applications ready to be printed up and go out in the mail. I just need to drop by and pick up my Caltech transcripts from the registrar's office.

On another note, don't you hate it when you think of something you want to blog about, something that really drives you batsh*t and then when you actually sit down in front of the computer so much else has happened that you have COMPLETELY forgotten what it was that you wanted to write about? Arrgh!

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I just realized what one of the things I wanted to talk about was: that vile Sheehan woman. Her son died right next to my b-i-l. They were friends. More on that later when I can "use my words".

But there was something else less vitriolic that I wanted to write about too... Oh well. Must be old age creeping up on me....

Posted by caltechgirl at August 18, 2005 04:19 PM | TrackBack

Regarding your "another note", YES, I have often had topics I wanted to write about, but when the time came several hours after it occurred to me, the topic and all the brilliant thoughts associated with it had fled my mind.

I need to start writing these things down!!!!

Posted by: Jack at August 18, 2005 05:13 PM