July 17, 2005


DH said the test went pretty well, and the reunion was fun. People were actually getting along....

Two comments from friends really sum up the night..."Either the assh*les were plastered or they kept it to themselves.." and "Wow, your class has less of a stick up its a$$ than my class did..."

Who else has been to a reunion and found it extremely creepy that:
1. Everyone instantly breaks up into the same groups as before
2. Said groups gravitate to the same parts of the room as before
3. You're sitting with the people you ate lunch with every day when you were 15, and you're discussing kids and houses and law school and grad school.

Posted by caltechgirl at July 17, 2005 04:08 PM | TrackBack

Got my 10 year next year (that is still really hard to admit) but #3 does kinda freak me out when I run into someone and they mention a kid/husband/wife.

Posted by: KG at July 18, 2005 03:18 PM