June 17, 2005

I'm It

Brandon and his mommy tagged me with the childhood meme, so here goes:

Five things I miss from childhood:

1. Time to sit on my rear and do EXACTLY what I want. Read book after book, play with my Barbies or my paper dolls, ride my bike, whatever.

2. Summer Vacation. When I was a kid, I loved getting 3 months off. LOVED it. I would sleep in, go swimming at the neighbors' house EVERY day, ride my bike everywhere.... Grad School means you work all summer.

3. Sitting on my Dad's shoulders so I could see over the crowd wherever we went. I'm still short....

4. My grandmother. I used to talk to her every day on the phone, from when I was too small to dial for myself. I used swing on a tire in her back yard and play golf with her old clubs and wear her old shoes when I was younger....

5. Boundless energy. When I was younger I played softball and volleyball and tennis and golf (not well, mind you), and I used to go hiking and all kinds of things. In the last few years, that's really gone away.

Soooo... Who to tag..... Hmmmm.....

How about Paul, Ben, and Darling GMT

Posted by caltechgirl at June 17, 2005 09:41 PM