May 17, 2005

AI live

Final 3 on tonight, next week is the whole banana. Each contestant will do 3 songs tonight and has 2 phone numbers...Updated at each commercial....

Clive Davis is tonight's guest judge!

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Here we go!

Vonzell- "I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again" (Dionne Warwick)
He seemed to like it, but I thought she was totally nervous. Randy's right, she WAS pitchy, and she improved as she went on in the song. Paula also agrees the first part was bad, but the end was better. Simon wasn't foul.

Did I mention Seacrest is an obsequious fool?

We're back....
Here's Bo!
Clive picked Elton's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"
Started weak. Looks damn fine, and after the first line was MUCH better.
I didn't know how bluesy this could be. Sing Bo Sing! Although there's something about him tonight that reminds me of Willie Nelson... and I doubt Elton ever sang the word "ev'rythang".

Clive says: powerful and passionate, made Elton and Bernie proud. Randy puts him in the Dawg pound forever. Paula couldn't even gush, it was so good. Simon loved it (holy sh*t!!!!).

Carrie: "Crying" by Roy Orbison. This oughta blow. I love this song. If it sucks I'm singing over it, yep. Sorry, can't hear her, I'm singing over her whiny pathetic voice. She has a serious lack of emotion here. I mean, she's singing it like she's emoting, but the passion isn't there. This song is heart rending when done right. OUCH. last note flatted!!!!
Clive: strong, but would have loved "spark" imitating Roy's falsetto. Randy loved it, but didn't have much to say. Paula called it subdued but nice. Simon also caught the last note, and called it "wooden" over all.

Round One: Bo!!!!

Coming up: Round 2, Songs that each contestant picked. This oughtta be interesting. Can't imagine what I would pick out of EVERY SONG IN THE WORLD...

Vonzell: "Chain of Fools" by Aretha. Sing it, Girl! Damn this is hot. She's got such a good soul voice, why doesn't she use it more often? SO right on. A difficult song and she is just OWNING it.
Clive: Spirited, winning rendition, but missed the deep soul of it. Randy loved it. She made it her own, and that's what makes AI great. Paula: best version of the song ever on AI. Simon: Brave and infectious. Terriffic and great fun.

Ok, here's Bo, with NO accompaniment "in a dream" Badlands. Damn I love his voice. Good voices make their own music when they sing a capella, and he's doing it. Stripped down, simple performance. Vulnerable and captivating atthe same time. And on pitch. This isn't an easy song. DAMN that long note was great. On pitch, not strident, but the last one had a bit of a breath problem. HOLY SH*T!
Clive: you pulled it off, getting stronger every week. Can't wait to work on your album. Randy: It's awesome you returned to the a capella style from auditions. Paula: you're a gift on the inside and out. Simon: You may have just put 34 musicians out of work.....

Carrie: "Making Love Out of Nothing at All" Air Supply. Another of my favorites she is BUTCHERING. FLAT. No emotion. OMG key change in the middle!!!! NO! you can't do that. New key is a BAD key for her any way. UGH. Missed a word. OF course, I wouldn't want to go after Bo did that either. The long note was ok. On pitch.
Clive: Done with conviction. Randy: You can sing. Paula: good song choice. Simon: good night tonight. Forst was better. You pushed the middle too much and strained too much...

Round 2 to Bo, but Vonzie made a strong second place showing....
Round 3, Judges' choice is next....

Vonzie: Simon picks "On the Radio" by Donna Summer for Vonzell. Like the pink top. She's got good energy. Runs are on pitch. I think she likes this one.
Clive: Strong, totally in your element. Randy: Having a good time, I enjoyed it. Paula says to keep having fun. Simon agrees with Clive, but the technical guy can't get the song right.

Bo: Paula picks "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by the Stones. I f*cking hate the Stones. But Bo is having fun with this. It's better watching him than that skinny ass big lipped Mick Jagger. Yeah right no girl reaction.... Hell yeah. Skynyrd does the Stones!
Clive: you really NAILED it. Made 3 totally different songs your own. This is your night. Randy: I feel like I've been to a Bo concert tonight. Paula: One more week for free, then you're all going to have to pay. Simon: I've heard all this before at weddings, that was just fluff.

Carrie (oh holy crap, does she have to sing AGAIN???):after the break.....ok. back. Here goes.

Randy chose "Man. I Feel Like a Woman" for Carrie. Flat, no power. She needs to support her voice. I do this song better. ooh. Pitchy. Missed her timing with the entry after the first chorus. Got better as she goes along....
Clive: Country pop is your element. Randy was just happy to see her have fun onstage. Paula loved her smiling and having fun. Simon: The first part of the song was uncomfortable.....

Overall impression: If Bo doesn't win next week this is rigged. Carrie was clearly outclassed tonight, but Vonzell will probably get the fewest votes. Sad.
House is next!!!!!

Posted by caltechgirl at May 17, 2005 08:10 PM

I'm with you on your conclusion... Bo SO ruled tonight. If he doesn't win this thing, I'll be pissed!!!

Posted by: Marie at May 18, 2005 12:42 AM