May 11, 2005

Live Idol

Random embarrassing thing about me: I love Kenny and Dolly's "Islands in the Stream", it was my favorite song when I was 5 or 6.

Why, God?. Why did Vonzell, Carrie, and Anthony have to sing it? Bo was ok.

Now the audition tapes. Oh Geez. This oughtta be good.
Vonzell first. Chain of Fools. Nice. In fact better than last night. Randy thinks she's learned to believe in herself.

Anthony- I remember this. He had balls to do Jon Secada for an audition. I was amazed at the power of his voice in that room. Again, better than last night. Still lookin' goofy. Still a Clay-ken like muppet.

Oooh Bo and Carrie and a surprise after the break....

Did I mention our local Fox affiliate has its own version of Idol called "Fox50's Gimme the Mike"? Good God. The prize is a audition for a record company.

BTW I wasn't going to live blog the commercials, but the combination of the "We don't have sex" PSA with the Nationwide commercial where the kid builds the robot with the laser eyes that blows up the parents' house is enough to make anyone celibate.

Here's Carrie: "I can't make you love me". No bitch you, can't. She looks better now, I guess the stylist was worth it. Simon was surprised she was that good, and any finalist could win after all.

Finally Bo. Nice shirt. Nice song. You can tell he was nervous. He should stick to rock and soul when he does his album. Heh. Harold. Hairold? Simon likes him.

ooh a free trip home to get rejuved before the final...

This better be the last damn commercial.

Results below the fold.....

Ok here goes:
Bo- safe. Duh.
Carrie- safe. Dammit. Well, I was wrong. Poop.
Vonzell- Safe
Anthony- Gone

Holy cow. For once the person who deserved to go left. Buh-Bye. Next week ought to be damn good. He'll get a contract anyway. He's too pop-py not too. Or is that poopy?

Posted by caltechgirl at May 11, 2005 09:09 PM

Love the live blogging! B-bye Anthony... at least he didn't get canned on his birthday!

Posted by: Marie at May 12, 2005 07:08 AM