May 06, 2005

Better Late than Never

Ok, so I was remiss in putting up my Survivor reactions last night. OK here goes.

Below the fold for US Tivo'ers who haven't seen it yet and you Aussies who'll get it next week...

At first it looked like Katie had screwed herself BIG TIME by publicly jumping ship from Ian to Gregg in the reward challenge. However, the rules being what they are, Katie won a reprieve when Ian and Caryn convinved Tom to quit playing nice and REALIZE that Gregg and Jenn were plotting against him and Ian with Katie.

Tom's decision to boot Gregg was a little overdue IMO, but hey, at least he saved his own neck, right?

We were SOOOO pissed when Ian went to talk to Katie. We figured he had slit his own throat and that she was going to rat on Ian, Tom, and Caryn to GreggJenn. But she didn't. And she voted for Gregg! Yay! I'm guessing Katie's next move is to tell Ian that she was just playing along with GreggJenn in order to get the nice reward and stay alive in the game as long as she could.

Which is probably what precipitates the argument they showed in the "scenes from next week" between them. Damn. Finally some real drama

Anyway, SOOOOOOOO HAPPY! Gregg got the boot. The look on Jenn's face was too priceless for words. Shock, anger, bitterness. She looked UGLY. I would have assumed the argument next week would be between Jenn and Katie....

Down to 5. I suspect the next reward is the car, since it's officially sweeps month now and they usually do the car at 4 or 5 left.

For next week, Katie gets the boot if the outcome of her fight with Ian loses her his protection, otherwise it's Jenn. Caryn is no threat, and may actually make it to the final 3 with Tom and Ian.....

Unless something major happens with Jenn winning immunity, somehow I'm guessing it's Tom and Ian at the end.

Posted by caltechgirl at May 6, 2005 10:04 AM

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