May 04, 2005

LSB is conducting an experiment

I think I'll try it too, as I'm pretty curious, myself.

I've discussed American Idol many many times on this page. But we haven't discussed the American Idol controversy brewing over Corey Clark and his story that he had an affair with American Idol judge Paula Abdul and that she promised him a career and bought him gifts.

Here's LaShawn's experiment: Corey Clark is a cad

Here's mine: Corey Clark sucks. Also, Cory Clark sucks, and for those of you who can't spell into google: Corey Clark sux

If you came here looking for a story on the ABC "Primetime Live" special Fallen Idol with Corey Clark, go here for more info...

If you're a regular reader and want to weigh in, you know where the "comment" button is....

Posted by caltechgirl at May 4, 2005 09:25 AM

Check out the quick page I put up on Corey Clark the loser. If the link doesn't work, you can go directly to:

Posted by: Shane at May 8, 2005 10:50 PM

Wow.. Finally a place where I can make an important comment and be heard!! That's it.. Oh and also Corey Clark is a ZERO

Posted by: J at October 31, 2005 01:58 PM