May 03, 2005


Another AWESOME episode.

SPOILERS in the extended entry for you west coast types!

One quick thing, in practice, they probably would have done a pregnancy test on a 12 year old, however unlikely, before doing some of those tests, because the treatments would have endangered the baby. That's why they did the abortion without question, not because she was 12, but because of the treatments, so I'm just waiting to laugh at the super-abortion-zealot crowd when they come after the show. Ha. Think people. Ask questions before you rant.

And yes, in a lot of states doctors are bound not to reveal ANYTHING about the sexual health of teenagers to their parents without their permission, including pregnancy, HIV status, etc. At the same time, however, in a case like tonight's episode, the doctor would have to report the sexual encounter to the police as a statutory rape. So in cases like this, most parents find out their child has been having sex from the POLICE, either because they're being interviewed, or because they're being arrested.

This country is so f*cked up. Contrast tonight's episode with the case out of FL of the 13 year old girl who had to get a court order to have an abortion because it might cause her "undue emotional and physical distress". And being pregnant and carrying a child to term at 13 wouldn't? Like it wasn't "undue emotional and physical distress" that put her in a place where she felt like she needed to be sexually active at 12?And then Jebbie goes on TV saying what a "tragedy" it is that this girl is having an abortion and the life of the baby will be lost. No asshole, the real tragedy here is that this CHILD got pregnant in the first place! I'm against abortion, but in this case, I think it's a blessing. The way that the laws are these days, unless the 13 year old mother chose to give the baby up for adoption (probably unlikely), she would retain custody, and that poor child would be raised as a ward of a ward of the state. What kind of life is that?

Sorry about that. Too much of a coincidence to leave alone....

And Cameron is back. YAY!!! I think he was sorely tempted to hire the Jewish chick with the Prada knockoffs, but his feelings for Cameron kept him back.

Between Cameron and Sela Ward's Stacy, I get the feeling House has a thing for brunettes.... Now, let's see if he gets rid of Chase or just keeps kicking him while he's down. Vindictive bastard.

Posted by caltechgirl at May 3, 2005 10:15 PM