April 13, 2005

random ventation

ok here goes:
1. WTF with the bus drivers these days? Arrgh. It drives me nuts. Ok, really I have no room to complain, Chapel Hill transit is free. Yes, free. The town and the university each chip in and they got a federal grant to cover some of the expenses, so there's no fare.

That doesn't excuse the bus drivers who seem to have made it their personal mission to run stop signs, drive through EVERY pothole, turn too fast, and generally be as rude as they can and induce the maximum amount of nausea.

There's one bus driver who refuses to pick people up on one side of the street if he's coming back to stop on the other side of the street later, unless they're getting off somewhere before where he turns around. Doesn't matter that it's perfectly legal to ride the bus for any length of time shorter than one full circuit of the route, he won't pick you up. He won't pick you up if you're more than 5 feet from the bus stop either. Some folks stand away from the signs in bad weather because of the trees, and I've seen him go roaring past people, even with the passengers inside telling him to stop. This guy is also the king of whiplash and nausea.

There used to be this incredibly nice bus driver who talked to everyone and sang and was generally fun. Until somebody took umbrage at his pleasant attitude, and he got told to lay off....

2. People you work with who go off on an ego trip all over you. Especially your juniors.
'nuff said.

3. People who like to complain about the weather. I like the rain very much, thank you. I just wish I could stay home and curl up with a good book and enjoy it, rather than come to work.

4. Waiting to hear back from people when you have a deadline.

There may be more additions as the day goes on.

Posted by caltechgirl at April 13, 2005 11:50 AM