September 01, 2008

Dear Libtards,

I didn't intend on more Sarah-blogging today, but you people are making me swear (profanity alert below)....

Seriously? Are you seriously gonna run with this whole Sarah Palin is an irresponsible mother thing? The "Sarah the Hypocrite" meme?

Give me a motherfucking break.

First of all, would you be so "outraged" if the mom in question was Hillary Clinton, and the daughter a teenaged Chelsea? I fucking doubt it. And yet, the Clintons ran on a family values ticket, too. Maybe not as conservative as the Republicans, but I've heard Hill trumpet that family values thing a million times and so have you. No use denying it.

Second, you show me a parent, working or otherwise, who is going to sit on their 17 year old daughter 24/7/365. Kids do dumb shit. We all did something stupid or wrong as teenagers. We had sex, we drove too fast and recklessly, we drank, we smoked, we did drugs. If our parents never found out, it's because we just got lucky and got away with it, whichever of the above that we did before we turned 20. Bristol Palin just wasn't so lucky. Every parent who has ever been a child knows that no matter what you tell your kids, or how often you tell them, some things they are just going to do, from day one, and some lessons they have to learn for themselves. From "stoves are hot" to "sex is how you get pregnant".

Tell me how it makes you a hypocrite when your kid fucks up? I assume Sarah and Todd have told all their older kids about the consequences of sex. If they told her, and continued to reinforce their values, what else can we ask of them? It's not like Sarah held Bristol down and forced her to sleep with her boyfriend.

And what of that relationship? It looks like Bristol and her boyfriend are planning to do the responsible thing and marry and raise their child. Shouldn't we encourage that? Shouldn't we applaud a young couple with the maturity to face the consequences of their actions and face life head on? Chances are very good that this young couple will be better situated to succeed academically and otherwise given that they both appear to have supportive families who will help them in this time of extreme transition.

Don't tell me you don't know anyone who has ever been in this situation, either the teenage mom/ dad or their parents. It's a tough thing. I'll bet you weren't so harsh and judgmental towards the people you know. I'll bet they told their kids (or were told by their parents) not to have sex, too. They didn't listen either.

And you didn't go off the deep end. You were probably understanding, caring, even, maybe said a prayer for healing. You were probably willing to forgive the mistake and move forward. For your friendship's sake. For your family's sake.

So why the hatred towards Sarah and her family? Is it because you're terrified she can defeat your Messiah of Hope and Change? Is it that her political "inexperience" still beats your guy's "experience"? Is it because she singlehandedly knocked your guy out of the news cycle ALL WEEKEND?

It's kind of silly, the way you people look. Foaming at the mouth is unbecoming, and especially so when it's so out of proportion as a reaction.

According to the record, Sarah Palin has been nothing but a caring mom trying to do her best by her state and her family. Maybe that's too much for you to handle and it confuses you. I don't know. But then again, if your brains were working properly you might be asking the same tough questions of Obama and Biden that you demand of McCain and Palin.

Otherwise, just don't go there. And hopefully that's the last I will have to say on this subject, except to wish this young couple and their baby all the best in a long happy life together.

Posted by caltechgirl at September 1, 2008 05:27 PM | TrackBack

you go, Caltech girl! the lefty response has been irritating/sickening us all day -- but of course they think there's only ONE correct answer to an unexpected pregnancy ...

Posted by: altadenablog at September 1, 2008 07:56 PM

My dear citrus sweet mavin,

I think it's always terrible when any person's private family life and experience is broadcast to the world- especially, when it becomes politicized. And, I am guilty of buying into it. Still, I think family matters aired in the public world for political purpose is inherently unfair. Revenge (or to avenge) does not make it right.

The truth is this girl has a personal problem. I feel for her. Although, her mother has political ambitions that seem to circumvent logic, meaning, and only convert to some kind of strange obedience to insanity, I still hold out that compassion to this young daughter. What choice has she had? Who has really cared about her interest, ever and from now on?

Posted by: Miss Havisham at September 1, 2008 10:18 PM

Very well said. I was thinking of blogging something very similar. Something about living with my grandparents the last two years of high school; good steady family foundation, been married their whole lives to each other, taught me from right and wrong, instilled good morale values - and yet when I turned 18 and joined the Navy I still went crazy with drinking too much and "other" stuff too. Yeah. And now, as a parent, now matter how hard I try to plant that family values seed into my kids heads; they are still going to go out and do their own thing. I can only hope and pray I taught them well.

Posted by: c.a. Marks at September 2, 2008 02:56 AM

If I gave out Excellent Post awards, you'd get one! Love it!

Posted by: pam at September 2, 2008 05:21 AM

My thoughts exactly, but more eloquently expressed. =)

Posted by: Amanda at September 2, 2008 02:06 PM

Very very well said... I have been rolling my eyes here a LOT the past few days. What a bunch of crap - tho I am enjoying watching the Dems make asses of themselves. I just feel for Bristol - tough thing for a kid.

It's bad enough to have to face your mom and dad - let alone a whole nation... Sheesh.

Posted by: Richmond at September 3, 2008 07:32 AM

It doesn't make her a hypocrite -- but I wonder why she won't take this "personal" information and add it to the facts to develop a new political opinion. She wants abstinence-only education for her fellow countrymen, even though her own state suffers from a really high rate of teenage unwanted pregnancies. Even with the ever-present love and attention of such strong Christian parents, irresponsible choices still happen -- what about those who don't have that? I find it amazing that Palin doesn't step back and go, abstinence-only may not be the best education to teach children. Maybe her daughter wouldn't be knocked up now. No hatred here -- I hope the young woman has a healthy pregnancy and a happy life with her new child.

You're right that a parent can't sit on their children 24/7/365. But I don't know what kind of upbringing you had, but I did not have sex, do drugs, drink, etc. and that's because of my parents. Most of the people I know are the same. Though I knew a couple young women who got pregnant, funny enough, they all got pregnant before we had sex ed. And those unfortunate girls, the ones who chose to either abort or have the child, they did not come from a family with means and such a strong presence in the church as the Palins. They were the children who needed help and education the most because they did not have such caring parents. So, I'm not harping on the fact that she calls constantly "family values" into her platform -- I'm harping on the fact that she has indicated that she would make abstinence-only education nationwide when there must be a thousand Bristols across the country who need knowledge, not ignorance. And btw, if it did happen to Chelsea, I certainly would be calling the Clintons on their values too.

But as for their marriage -- 2/3 of teenage pregnancies lead to divorce. I don't want children (and yes, when they're 17 I think they're still kids) to feel like they are forced into the most holy of unions. I want them to be married because they love each other and they want pledge to each other for the rest of their lives. And frankly, given that such a huge thing like a baby is in the picture, I would say that's pretty darn hard to do without feeling some pressure, and not the right kind of pressure. Given how open this country is, I would rather they take time together before getting married. I think the father should definitely be responsible and be part of his child's life, but seriously, marriage can be scary and stressful enough as it is, it should be entered with the same caution and respect as having a child. Not all societies are as open and welcoming as this one, so I don't feel like they should feel any bit forced into this. But does that sound like something her social conservative fellows and the religious right would support? Man, sometimes I feel for her so bad that I feel pressure from the right that she has to marry.

But on top of the whole abstinence-only education, I will go here: In her press release, Palin said "We're proud of Bristol's decision to have her baby and even prouder to become grandparents." That decision will not exist if Palin has anything to say about it (as she's indicated) through Supreme Court Justice picks. And maybe there's a lot of people who would prefer this country that way. But even though there may thousands of Bristols across the country, I'm thinking a lot of those Bristols don't have the resources, family support, or future husband/father that the young Palin woman has... and I will never hold that against them or take away their right to choose, and I certainly wouldnʼt want the state making the decision for her/them. I thought Republicans think that the state makes too many decisions for us as it is.

So, there you go. An argument against Palin that doesn't attack her as a parent, but has issues with her inability to take her own personal experiences and reach a more progressive conclusion.

Posted by: SBC at September 4, 2008 12:29 PM
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