April 08, 2005

I thought you'd never ask...

The little silver guy on the rightleft is GIR, he's the stupid but loveable robot sidekick of Invader Zim.

Who, for those of you who have never been blessed enough to see the show, is an incompetent Irken Invader sent to conquer Earth just to get him out from underfoot after he destroyed the Irken homeworld....
This is Zim:

Zim was on Nickelodeon for about a year and is still on Nicktoons every once in a while from what I'm told (too poor for those extra channels, you know?) but it is SOOO not a kids show. It's like Animaniacs, only more twisted. Kids like it, but adults like it even more.

The Nickelodeon Zim site is here, and one of my favorite fan sites is here.

For more Zimmy goodness, drop in on fellow MuNuvian Gir at YourMooseyFate.

The phrase "The Bacon in My Soap" is from one of the episodes, and the audio of the bit is now linked there. Scroll down and click. Zim is the angry one, GIR is the silly one.

The girl with the "gameslave" down below (with the archives) is also from Zim. She's Gaz, the younger sister of Zim's nemesis Dib, and my personal favorite character on the show. I was Gaz for halloween year before last, and my friends were Gir, Zim, and Dib. Very cool.

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May 29, 2005

Pustulio.....I Obey

Zim is a fool- your soap-making abilities are
better than those of the leading brand!

What random GIR quote are you?
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from Gir (who else???)

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February 27, 2006

Love the Weather, hate the Idiots (plus Zimmy goodness)

It took me over an HOUR to go the 21 miles from work to home. Arrgh.

I love the gray skies and the rain, but sheesh people, get a grip.  Stop and go isn't any more dangerous just because the road is wet.

Oh wait.  They're all looking up at this freak occurrence!  What is this RAIN?  Perhaps we should ask Invader Zim (link opens classic Zim episode "The Wettening")

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