July 10, 2007

Ex-Fresno State coach wins multi-million $$ lawsuit against the school!

I hate to say it, but Fresno State has a history of robbing the poor (women's sports programs) to feed the rich (men's football and basketball).  Volleyball coach Lindy Vivas was fired for standing up to them, so she took them to court.

And won.  $5.85 MILLION.  And guess what?  She's not the only one.  There are two more lawsuits pending, including one from the former women's basketball coach that ought to blow the doors off the good ol' boys club that is the FSU athletic office.

A jury on Monday awarded a former Fresno State volleyball coach $5.85 million in damages, ruling that the school discriminated against her for speaking up on behalf of female athletes.

Lindy Vivas, 50, was fired in 2004, two years after coaching her team to its best season in history. University officials said Vivas was let go because she did not meet performance goals and ran a program that often played in empty arenas.

Vivas sued in civil court, saying her contract was not renewed because she raised her voice to advocate for equal treatment of women athletes and access to facilities at Fresno State, a Division I school with a sprawling central California campus.

The jury award, which took into account Vivas' back wages, future lost pay and emotional distress, is likely the largest ever granted to a coach suing for retaliation under Title IX, a landmark federal law requiring gender equity in scholastic athletics, said the coach's lawyer, Dan Siegel.

"Fresno State wants to be a big-time athletic power, but it has to start acting like one. That means treating men and women the same," Siegel said. "This is a complete vindication of her and who Lindy is as a person, as a coach, and what she had to live with as a result of their actions."

The university, of course, released a statement whining about pretrial publicity influencing the jury. Umm? Dude. You're FRESNO STATE. Get a few male football fans on that jury, you shouldn't have had to worry, but you STILL LOST. Get over yourselves. The athletic office has screwed women's sports programs six ways from Sunday. It's time you were held accountable for it.

Read the whole thing here, or the local article here.

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August 09, 2007

Does he squeak?

I think we'll be getting one of these for the Princess!

h/t Ken S

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August 20, 2007

Michael Vick - The case explained

Over at Patterico's, guest blogger WLS does a great job of laying out the prosecutorial process in the Michael Vick case.

WLS explains the strategy of the superseding indictment, offense level, the possibility of sentence enhancement, the discretion of the judge in sentencing, and why the prosecution is pushing for a sentence of more than 12 months.

There's lots of great question and answer in the comments, too, so pop over and find out what you've been dying to know.

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September 01, 2007

A good day so far

College Football's first Saturday of the year and I've got one of these babies blowing on me.  Yaaaaaah. I can dig it.

USC starts in 15 minutes.


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September 11, 2008

Because I continue to endeavor to amuse myself

And because dook sucks:

The speaker is dook's official counsel in the lawsuit brought against them by the University of Louisville.

h/t Paladin

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October 15, 2008

Twenty Years Ago Today

 Kirk Gibson homered his way into the hearts of Dodger fans forever...

The Dodgers could sure use some of that mojo tonight. It still gives me chills!

Here's Gibby talking about that evening....

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January 11, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Bou and WB have each completed the Walt Disney World Marathon.  YAY!

Bou's finish time was 06:05:56, a 13:57 mile average and WB's was 07:00:57, a 16:03 mile average.

I am immensely proud of both of you!

That's a wrap, y'all!  Now get some rest!  You deserve it!

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