April 08, 2005

It's Friday

And I need to let people know I've moved over here, so here are 10 yummy links:

1. I love Rachel Lucas. This is exactly why I have a dog.

2. Dean's World turns 3 today. Pretty good longevity for the b'sphere. I wonder where I'll be at 2.5 years from now....

3. Blogbuddies the California Mafia are wondering who drops by their site. If you've been there before, drop by and leave a note telling them where you're at.

4. Speaking of blogbuddies, Da Goddess had a steroid injection to her spine (ouch, epidural steroids!) yesterday, and is slowly improving from the side effects of the treatment. Drop by and offer her some good wishes! While you're visiting in San Diego, go here and leave your best for Mrs. SMASH, who is recuperating from a serious back injury after being thrown from a horse earlier this week.

5. Cobb cartoons the MJ trial. I'll never see the glove the same way again.

6. Acidman has the winners of the annual Bulwer-Lytton "dark and stormy night" contest.

7. Gir is cat-blogging again.

8. Jay at Wizbang! has a new hood ornament...

9. Friday Wolf-blogging from the Laughing Wolf

10. Daisychick Angela has quite a shopping trip ahead of her.....

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