April 13, 2005

today's stupid quiz

Today's stupid quiz:

You are snopes.com You like to prove people wrong. Your friends rely on you for the truth, but you're not perfect. You once made a rocket car.
Which Website are You?

Posted by caltechgirl at April 13, 2005 05:36 PM | TrackBack

It said I'm fracking E-Bay!!

Stupid quiz....

OT: Congrats on becomging a Munuvian!! Had I known you were looking to escape BlogSpot, I'd have nominated you.

Posted by: Mad Mikey at April 13, 2005 07:53 PM

Yahoo - You adapt slowly, but many still rely on you. You like to organize things. You are very popular. You like to yodel.

Posted by: vw bug at April 13, 2005 08:50 PM

"You are cnn.com - You like to tell people what's going on in the world. People accuse you of being biased. You have a deep voice."

Posted by: Amanda at April 14, 2005 02:51 AM
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