April 08, 2005

great cosmic convergence...

Today started out pretty ok. I got on the bus, I went to work, I finished another chapter of my thesis (Yay!). I even remembered to drop by the student health pharmacy and pick up my prescription. Then it all just went downhill. I had scheduled some time to do some imaging using my co-mentor's confocal microscope (holy crap even it has a wiki! Check it out, the idea is really cool!), but there were 2 problems.
1. It's sort of not working (it works, but it's buggy right now)
2. He wanted to see my sections and he was at a symposium.

So I decided to come home. Took the shuttle up to Franklin St. (still standing, BTW) to wait for the main bus under the big shelter, since it was getting darker by the second. Turns out that there's only 1 bus that runs my route during the day, and it was running an hour late because it was in an accident.


So some of us took another bus that takes you about .75 miles from the house, but a nice flat walk. And all was well until we got off at the corner...

And the skies opened up.

Thank God I had my umbrella, but I was wearing my too long jeans all cuffed up and my tevas, so I was soaked from the knees down. Not to mention what surely will be a fabulous case of heat rash from where the wet jeans were rubbing on my legs as I squelched along and the blisters from where the water suctioned my feet to the shoes. We get about 3/4 of the way home and I hear the bus, so I hauled ass up to the next stop. By now it was pouring like some kind of freaking monsoon. And this bus stop has no shelter or sidewalk. Ahh, glorious mud. Anyway, I get on the bus and rode to the house and before I could get out of my wet jeans, it had stopped raining. Completely.

TGIF, huh?

Now it's raining again. I don't feel quite so bad....

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I evaluated confocal microscopes back in the mid '90s. They *are* cool...

Posted by: Jack at April 9, 2005 09:08 AM
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